1. Complete all quests for Renal Bloodscalp (second floor of Shadow Thieves' Guild in the Docks District).

2. He will give you control over Mae'Var's Guild (45.000 xp).

3. In your guild talk to Jariel. He will ask you about level of risk for your guild (high risk or low risk). Higher the risk, more money you will get.

4. Come back after 5 days and Jariel will give you the money your people obtained. If one of them get caught, you should go bail for him.

5. Find Lathan in the guildhouse. He will be your eyes and ears. He doesn't have any news for now, but soon after the conversation Ama will show up and ask you for help. If you rescued Kamuzu from the cage where Mae'Var held him, he will warn you not to trust Ama.

6. Go to the Waukeen's Promenade after dusk. Ama will meet you and will offer to sheathe your weapon. Soon after a band of mercenaries will attack you. You know what to do... ;)

7. Go back to the guildhouse and tell Lathan about an ambush. He will tell you about small problem - one of the thieves is hiding part of the money. You have 4 options:

a) Kill'em all. Kretor (their chief) will refuse to work for you and you will lose one of your groups.

b) Kill one of them (of your choice). If you kill innocent - same as a).

c) Cut their share. They will solve the problem by themselves (kill Darronal Gwin II).

d) Let the Kretor to solve the problem. After 5 days he will find the culprit.