First, once you defeated Lord Jierdan Firkraag, the Red Dragon, and grabbed your Holy Avenger, Garen Windspear will tell you that he has arranged a meeting between yourself and the Prelate of the Most Radiant Heart. When you go and see him, he will welcome you in the Order and direct you to your contact standing in the middle of the Main Hall. Your test to be fully a knight of the Order is to go to the Umar Hills and save some paladins that are trying to defeat an army from the North. When you go to the Umar Hills, another paladin meets you and brings you to the battle. An easy battle with a couple of Ettins and some Ogres. Once you cleaned the place, just return to your contact at the Most Radiant Heart.

You will now be an integral part of the Order and your first duty is to go to the Umar Hills again and settle an argument between a local baron and some farmers who rebelled against him. He is inside the inn, but before you enter, question the farmers and discover the baron's true nature. When you go in, he will ask you to get him rid of these villagers, but if you question him and his authority, he will eventually grow angry and attack you with his men. Another easy fight. Outside, the villagers will thank you and you will discover that they hated the baron too and that perhaps the responsibility was more divided than you thought. Now, go back to the Order and explain them what the baron was doing and why you acted against him. The Order will accept your arguments and will stand by your side.

Your third quest is to go to a house in the Docks District, the one just right of the temple of Oghma, and defend Tyrianna until her uncle comes from Baldur's Gate to get her. When you go there, you will discover that she is just a spoiled child but that she will obey you if you are firm enough. At some point, assassins will enter the house and you'll need to defend Tyrianna, who flees on the second floor. The fight is easy, but be careful so that no assassins escapes your vigilance and climbs the stairs... Once you kill the assassins, the uncle of Tyrianna, Hurgis, comes and claims that you should hand in the girl to him. I was a bit suspicious and I tried to question both him and Tyrianna, but she doesn't remember him since she was very young when she last saw him and he doesn't possess any documents that identify himself. At the end, I just let the girl go with him and returned to the Order.

When you come back to the Most Radiant Heart, they will explain that Hurgis was indeed her uncle and thank you for your services. They will also allow you to pursue your own goals for a time and give you the VERY nice Pride of the Legion +2 (AC-1).

Note: According to emails we have received after initially posting this quest up, the girl's uncle can be an imposter. You can make sure by casting "Detect Evil". If you find that it isn't her uncle and instead an assassin, you can kill him and be rewarded.