After completing the Haer'Dalis quest and then freeing him from the Astral Prison, if your main character is a Bard, then you will be given the deed to the theater under the Five Flagons Inn. When you appear, Samual Thunderburp will introduce you to a director who will help you get the playhouse working again. He will mention that it will take him a week or so to find actors and a play and he will also need the production budget then as well.

After 3 to 5 days, you should be told by a messenger to go to the playhouse where the director will introduce the actors and ask for 2 decisions from you. The first is which of two actresses will play the lead role. Jenna is the less experienced actress but is a better fit for the role. The other actress is a snooty Elf. The second issue is how much you want to spend on the production. If you select the last option to spend more then 1000 gp, you will be given a choice of spending 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000, or 10000 gold. {I spent 10000 and ended up losing 9200 gp on the production}. So in hindsight, I would recommend selecting 4000 or 5000 to ensure the success of the play.

After that, you will be called back to the playhouse over the next 4 weeks or so to solve minor problems. The first minor problem is when the 2 actresses upstage each other during rehearsal. I chose to expend the minor role a little and that seemed to pacify the actresses. The next problem comes from the male lead trying to improvise constantly and not following the script. I chose to let him rewrite the script only to have to rewrite it myself the following week. After that, A priestess will show up offering to protect the production from the "curse" attached to the play for a 1000 gold. I paid her and it seemed to make the actors happy.

The next crisis involves the musician whom disappears taking the music with him. You can hire a famous harpist for 500 gold or you can rewrite the score yourself and have the understudy play the music. I decided to hire the harpist and it worked out in the end. The next problem involves some thugs taking over the theater and of course you have to kick their arse (no major items of interest and with the Pandemonium Harp there shouldn't be any problem mopping the floor with their bodies).

Finally, after 30-35 days you should have the dress rehearsal. Pay close attention to the dialog, you will need it. Around day 50 you should have the last crisis on the opening night. Your lead actor will become sick and unable to perform. Also, one of the Council of Six will be attending the performance. So you get to play the lead actor in front of him. After the play, he makes a few comments and you receive some experience points {65500 for me} but no gold. However, The director offers to buy the playhouse or you can decide to keep it. I wanted to turn a profit so I decided to keep it.

After another 10 days, I did start to see income. But at 1000 gold every ten days, it will be day 150 before I will turn a profit. So I would suggest you keep the production cost to 7000 or less and you should turn a reasonable profit selling the playhouse to the director.

Having the elf play the lead female role works out better and keeping the cost down around 7000 will yield a 3000 profit if you should sell the playhouse to the director for 10000. If you recite the lines correctly on the last crisis, the council member will be impressed and you will receive the Azlaer's Harp and the playhouse will be named the official playhouse of Athkatla for a year. Resolving the minor issues and giving the correct lines will yield a fair amount of experience {around 150,000 total}.