At some point during the game, a messenger comes to see Anomen and tells him that his sister has died and that his father wishes to see him. When you reach Anomen's father's domain in the Government District, his father tries to make him assassinate his business rival. He insults Anomen and tries to convince him that his business rival is guilty. If you encourage Anomen to go and denounce the crime at the Counsel of Six Building, he accepts and follows you there. Unfortunately, they don't have enough proof to incriminate anyone, but despite Anomen's anger you must calm him and make him hear reason. He should settle the matter like that and seek no further revenge. If you do exact revenge, he will fail the test below.

When Anomen reaches level 15, you will soon encounter a paladin of the Most Radiant Heart that tells him that the time for his test has come and that you should go to the Main Hall of the Most Radiant Heart in the Temple District. If you did the first quest correctly, Anomen will become a knight, his name will change to Sir Anomen, his wisdom will increase from 12 to 16 and his Alignment will change from Lawful Neutral to Lawful Good. If you failed the first quest, Anomen will become Chaotic Neutral.