While traveling through the Government District, you may be inclined to stop by the Council of Six building. Here you can talk with a Cowled Wizard by the name of Tolgerias that will ask for your help in finding a "criminal" by the name of Valygar. He is wanted either dead or alive but Tolgerias will not tell you what crime he is wanted for.

Valygar can be found in a cabin in the Umar Hills. Once there, Valygar will explain that his uncle Lavok traveled through different dimensions with a sphere (the Planar Sphere in the Slums District of Athkatla) but killed some of his family members in order to do so. For this, Valygar has been in anguish and hates Lavok for what he did. Now, the sphere has showed up once again in Athkatla and the only way to enter it is to have someone with the same bloodline as Lavok accompanying you. Therefore, Valygar is the only "key" to opening the sphere.

You can either choose to kill Valygar and use his corpse to enter the sphere, have him join you to enter the sphere, or bring him to "justice" back in the Government District. I had Valygar join my party and upon returning to the Council of Six building, Tolgerias wasn't very happy. He threatened my party and then teleported away.

Continuing on, with Valygar in your party you now have access to the Planar Sphere. Once inside, you will eventually meet up with Tolgerias again and be forced to fight him. You will also meet up with Lavok, Valygar's uncle. You can fight him as well, but he will speak up before he dies. He tells you that he has realized what he has done and now feels bad for the atrocities he committed years ago. His final request is to see the outside world once more. Pick up his body and leave the sphere for a nice experience reward. If your main character is a mage, Lavok also gives you the sphere as your new stronghold.

Following Lavok's death, Valygar will begin to doubt his hatred for his uncle. He will ask you questions concerning your opinions on whether or not you think people can change and if people can become "good" if they were once "evil". Answer as you will, it hasn't affected anything in the game that I have seen.