Umar Hills (AR1100)

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1 - Arrival

Upon entering this zone, you'll see a town meeting being held here. The mayor will be addressing the citizens' concerns of murders and disappearances in the area. Smells like adventure...

2 - Umar Inn

Within the Umar Inn, you'll be able to acquire supplies and hear tales about the disappearances. Additionally, you can acquire a book from the Innkeeper called the "Umar Witch Project" that will have a small excerpt of a diary inside.

Outside of the Inn are four merchants, one whose name is Fael. This Fael is actually the accomplice to the murdering tanner in the Bridge District. If you buy the book "History of the Zhentarim" from him, he will reveal himself somewhat and ask you what his former name was (it's the third name choice, Darcin Cole). When you answer correctly, he fully reveals himself and asks about the Human Flesh +4 armor.

Inquiring about the armor further, Fael will tell you that it's unfinished and can only be completed with the blood of a Silver Dragon (the Silver Dragon Adalon can be found in the Underdark). If you decline to kill a dragon or confront Fael as being the tanner's accomplice, he will leave and never return.

3 - Minister Lloyd's Home

Pay a visit to this home to meet Minister Lloyd, who will ask you to investigate the Ogres at area #8 to determine if they have something to do with the town's troubles. After finding the Shade Lord and defeating him, the good Minister will hand over an insane suit of leather armor called The Night's Gift +5.

4 - Jermien's Home

Just outside this home, you'll receive a small quest pertaining to the owner of the house, Jermien. Jermien has forbid his daughter to see her beloved, so you are asked to change Jermien's mind. Jermien is a high level wizard who is working on the construction of a Stone Golem. He asks you to bring him back some Mimic Blood, which can be found in the cave at area #6. This will animate the golem, but instead of obeying Jermien, it will attack him. After you have saved the wizard's life, he will allow his daughter and her beloved to see each other.

There is also another small quest available if you talk to Jeb just northwest of Jermien's home. He is standing near a farmer husband & wife that are guarding chickens. For a small price (I think I paid 10 or 20 gold), he'll give you some info about a Beljuril hidden in one of the farmer's chickens. Talk to the farmers and offer to buy the chicken (50 gold) to obtain the Beljuril for yourself. The Beljuril is worth about 600 gold, but it's most valuable purpose is to upgrade the Bronze Horn of Valhalla at the Waukeen's Promenade weaponsmith.

Finally, if you wander just north of Jermien's home, you will come across some children that want to be adventurers. They will ask you to bring them some Bastard Swords and Ale, but this obviously won't be perceived too well by the townsfolk if you do. If your character is a Ranger and you go against your best judgment and buy them the items, you will lose your stronghold and the mayor will tell you that you are no longer welcome in the village.

5 - Merella's Home

This house belonged to the town's guardian, a Ranger by the name of Merella. She has been killed by whatever evil plagues the town, but you can find her journal and a note from a previous adventurer named Mazzy. Between the two, you'll have enough information to continue your travels to the Temple Ruins and find what you seek there.

6 - Mimic's Blood

Here you'll find a cave linked to the quest you'll receive at area #4. Inside the cave is a Mimic whose blood you need for Jermien's Stone Golem.

7 - Valygar

Valygar the Ranger is hiding in this home. He'll join your party if you'd like and will tell you of the Cowled Wizards' plans to enter the Planar Sphere in Athkatla's Slums District.

8 - Ogres

You'll find the Ogres that Minister Lloyd told you about here. They don't want any trouble and actually want to establish trade with the town. If you relay this message to the Minister, the ogre leader, Madulf, will reward you with the Shield of the Lost +2.