Copper Coronet (AR0406)

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1 - Lehtinan

The original owner of the Copper Coronet, Lehtinan, hangs out near here. After learning that the Coronet has "other" forms of entertainment from one of the drunken patrons, you can have the owner grant you access to the back areas by telling him you have some coin to dispense of, his greed takes over. Or if you don't wish to waste your time, you can just use force.

2 - Inn Rooms

This hallway leads to the inn's rooms. Contained in one of these rooms is the dwarf who killed the young boy from the Graveyard District (the one whose ghost asks you to return his teddy bear). Also near here, you can hire a young slave from the madam to "entertain" you for the night. My party members were shocked when I hired the girl, but assumed I was doing it simply to obtain information from the girl. Interestingly, in the sake of curiosity, I went through with the "entertainment" and immediately went back to the madam, re-hired the girl and went for the information. It never did seem to affect my romance plot (just a tip for all you playboys out there).

Additionally, you can find a man named Yarin in one of the other rooms. He isn't of any real significance, but if you scour his room, you can find yourself some Gloves of Pick Pocketing.

3 - Exit

This is the exit to the Slaver Compound.

4 - Restricted Area

This is a "restricted area" and by forcing your way in here you cause a battle with the Coronet guards. After defeating them, a gladiator locked in the middle cell, Hendak, will implore you to help release them. If you agree, he will direct you to area #5.

5 - The Beastmaster

You need to get the cell key from the beastmaster at the back of this room. He won't give it up peacefully, so you have to tackle his buddies and then kill him off. Grab the key (as well as a Tuigan Bow +1, some Plate Mail, and a scroll of Stone to Flesh), then return to area #4 and release the prisoners.

One thing about having slaves trained in combat... if they get free, they're not going to be very nice. The gladiators swarm the place killing off any remaining guards and when you return to area #1, you witness a battle between Hendak and the owner. After Hendak has his justice, he takes over the Coronet and offers you a discount for your services as well as an experience reward. He also asks you to finish off the slavers that remain in the Slaver Compound at area #3.

6 - Korgan

This is where you meet Korgan for the first time. If you ask him to join your party, he will ask you to help him with the Book of Kaza quest.

7 - Anomen

This is where you meet Anomen for the first time. Convince him you are battling for the cause of good and he will join with you.