Mae'Var's Guildhall (AR0301, AR0302, AR0303, AR0304)

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This location is involved in a quest from Renal Bloodscalp in the Shadow Thief Guildhall in the Docks District. Bloodscalp will ask you to investigate Mae'Var to see if he's plotting anything against the Shadow Thieves, and he'll give you a Letter of Transfer so you can infiltrate Mae'Var's guild and get close to Mae'Var. Without the letter, you'll only be able to visit with Gorch in the foyer (#1).

To get close to Mae'Var, you'll have to prove yourself to him. This will require you to complete a handful of quests. These quests are described below.

Quest 1

For this quest, Mae'Var (#5) will ask you to steal the Necklace of Talos from Mistress Ada in the Temple of Talos in the Temple District. At night, Ada will go to sleep and lock up the necklace in the chest by her bed. That's the easiest time to get it. Otherwise, you'll have to pickpocket it from her. When you acquire the necklace, you'll earn 20,000 xp. Then when you deliver it to Mae'var, you'll earn a further 29,500 xp, and he'll direct you to Edwin on Level 3 (#8) for your next two quests.

Quest 2

For this quest, Edwin (#8) will ask you to assassinate Rayic Gethras, a Cowled Wizard. If you refuse to do this (several times), then Edwin will summon some shadow thieves to attack you, and he'll teleport himself away. If Edwin escapes, then you won't be able to complete Bloodscalp's quest, because without the key Edwin is carrying, you won't be able to find any evidence against Mae'Var. So you'll need to kill Edwin very quickly, most likely by hasting your party and putting your melee characters next to Edwin before talking to him. When Edwin dies, he'll drop Mae'Var's Strongbox Key, which will allow you to loot Mae'Var's strongbox (#6), where you'll find Mae'Var's Letter. Gaining this document will allow you to skip the other quests and head straight to the conclusion (see below).

Assuming you accept Edwin's quest, you'll find Rayic Gethras' house on the western side of the Docks District. When you enter it, you'll be attacked by several mephits (worth 2520 xp) on the first floor, a pair of stone golems (worth 16,000 xp) on the second floor, and then Gethras himself (worth 9000 xp) on the top floor. Gethras is a high-level mage, and he'll cast spells like Fireball and Finger of Death, plus Protection from Normal and Magical Weapons, so it's a good idea to buff up before facing him. Conveniently, it's safe to rest inside his house.

When Gethras dies, he'll drop Bracers of Defense AC 7 and a Quarterstaff +2. You'll also find a Wand of Fire in a trapped container. Then when you return to Edwin, you'll earn 20,000 xp for your efforts.

Quest 3

For this quest, Edwin (#8) will ask you to steal some documents from a merchant named Marcus in the Sea's Bounty Tavern in the Docks District. You'll find Marcus on the lower level of the tavern, standing next to the bar. There are four ways to get the Edwin's Documents from him: you can pickpocket them, you can kill Marcus and loot them from his corpse (nobody in the tavern will care, but you'll lose Reputation), you can threaten him to get the documents (he'll hand them right over), or you can buy them for 200-250 gp.

When you deliver the documents to Edwin, you'll earn 10,000 xp, and Edwin will send you back to Mae'Var.

Quest 4

For this quest, Mae'Var (#5) will ask you to kill a traitorous Shadow Thief named Embarl in the Sea's Bounty Tavern in the Docks District. If you refuse, then Mae'Var will decide that you're a traitor, too, and he'll attack you. Unfortunately, this fight will trigger the appearance of Arkanis Gath, a Shadow Thief assassin who can't be killed through regular means (he can only be stat-drained to death), and who will one-shot every character in your party (unless they have Death Ward). So refusing Mae'Var means you'll probably have to load your game.

You'll find Embarl on the upper level of the tavern. You'll have two ways to deal with him:
  • You can kill Embarl. This shouldn't be tough, and you'll find Embarl's Dagger on his corpse. Nobody in the tavern will care about your actions, and you won't lose any Reputation.

  • You can let Embarl live. He'll explain that he overheard Mae'Var plotting to kill Bloodscalp, which is why he was labeled a traitor. He'll then give you his dagger and flee from the city.
When you deliver Embarl's Dagger to Mae'Var, you'll receive 18,750 xp, and Mae'Var will send you back to Edwin.


When you talk to Edwin (#8), he'll reveal that he knows about you and Renal Bloodscalp. If you deny this, or if you announce that you'd rather work with Mae'Var (which you can't actually do), then Edwin will summon shadow thieves to attack you, and he'll teleport himself away. This will put you into the same position as if you had refused Edwin's first quest (Quest 2).

Otherwise, Edwin will reveal that Mae'Var is courting the Night Knives of Westgate, "a cutthroat guild of footpads, brigands, and highwaymen," which Edwin doesn't want any part of. So he'll give you Mae'Var's Strongbox Key, which will allow you to open up Mae'Var's strongbox (#6), where you'll find Mae'Var's Letter -- the incriminating evidence that Bloodscalp was hoping for. Edwin (a lawful-evil human conjurer) will also offer to join you, and he'll become available as a companion from this point forward.

Note: If you're playing a thief, then you should loot everything in Mae'Var's Guildhall before leaving. The guildhall will shortly become your stronghold in the game, and everything inside of it will reset, so anything you don't loot now will be lost. You should also free Kamuzu from his cell in the basement (#4). He'll help you out in one of the Thief Stronghold quests.

When you deliver Mae'Var's Letter to Renal Bloodscalp, every character in your party will receive 45,500 xp, and you'll also earn 10,500 gp. If you're playing a thief, then Bloodscalp will allow you to become the new guildmaster of Mae'Var's Guildhall, and it will become your Thief Stronghold. See the Thief Stronghold page for more information about what you can do there.

1 - Gorch

When you give Gorch the Letter of Transfer from Renal Bloodscalp, he'll unlock several doors in the guildhall, including the two behind him. Gorch will also sell you a variety of items, including Bracers of Defense AC 6: Bracers to the Death, a Gem Bag, a Nymph Cloak, and a Ring of Protection +1: Ring of the Princes.

Note: Gorch will only be available as a shopkeeper while you're working on Bloodscalp's quest. So buy everything you want from him before completing the quest.

2 - Gorvin

3 - Zyntris

4 - Kamuzu

5 - Mae'Var

6 - Mae'Var's Strongbox

This box will start out locked. To open it, you'll need to acquire Mae'Var's Strongbox Key from Edwin (#8). Inside the box, you'll find Mae'Var's Letter (which you'll need for Renal Bloodscalp's quest) and Boots of Stealth: Worn Whispers.

7 - Doors

Along the walls here, you'll find 15 doors. They'll all be locked, and the tougher ones (on the eastern side) will also be trapped. If you can open all of them -- 100 Open Locks and 100 Find Traps is enough for this -- then you'll find a Buckler +1, a Short Sword +2, Studded Leather Armor +1, some gems (including a Rogue Stone), some potions (including three Potions of Mastery Thievery, which might come in useful here), and 850 gp. You'll also earn 28,000 xp.

8 - Edwin

Edwin will only appear here after you've completed Mae'Var's first quest (#5).

9 - Locked Door

You won't ever be able to open this door, even if you take over the guildhall as your Thief Stronghold.

  1. Exits to the Docks District.
  2. Stairs between Levels 0 and 1.
  3. Stairs between Levels 1 and 2.
  4. Stairs between Levels 2 and 3.