City Gates (AR0020)

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1 - The Crooked Crane

The Crooked Crane is a small inn that just so happens to be unmarked on your overhead map. Inside, your party will detect a secret door, which leads to a small room. Here you'll find a sarcophagus, and upon opening it, you'll be attacked by a Lich. Take him down and you'll find yourself some nice spoils, including Daystar, a Ring of Invisibility, a Rod of Terror, a Wand of Cloudkill, a Wand of Fire, and a Wand of Lightning.

There's also a small quest you can become involved in on the second floor regarding a young man and woman in love (it's a spin-off of Romeo & Juliet). It doesn't have any bearing in the game, but it's an enjoyable twist you might want to divulge in.

2 - Exit to Mainland

The exit here leads out to the mainland, where you'll begin using your overhead map to explore the game's many outdoor areas. Before exiting Athkatla, however, you should pay a visit to the man just inside the gate. He'll tell you that he has been sent to find adventurers who are willing to help with a problem in Trademeet. If you offer to help him, the town will become available on your overhead map.