Waukeen's Promenade (AR0700)

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1 - Arrival

You will emerge from Irenicus' Prison at this area, after which you'll witness a battle between Irenicus, the Shadow Thieves, and Imoen. The Cowled Wizards will appear to take them to a prison for illegal spell casting, thus setting your primary goal for the game - to rescue Imoen. At this point, every member in your party will receive 34,500 experience points.

2 - Circus Tent

Outside the tent, a guard will warn you that a group of people mysteriously disappeared after an earlier show inside the tent. He's waiting for the Cowled Wizards to arrive and investigate, but since you're looking for adventure, you'll want to poke around before they arrive.

Before going in, however, speak to the young boy named Giran outside of the tent. He is looking for his mother, whom you can save by solving the circus tent's illusion problems. Once you've brought Giran and his mother back together, you will receive a small experience reward and can also speak to the guard for a point of reputation. After receiving the boy's quest, head inside to access Circus Tent 1.

3 - The Den of Seven Vales

On the second floor of the Den of Seven Vales, you can get yourself into a serious brawl. A band of adventurers will pick a fight with you as soon as you reach the top of the stairs. I wouldn't suggest fighting this battle until you've gained a few levels, but once you're ready, there are some spoils to be had. Once all of the adventurers are lying dead on the floor, loot their bodies for a War Hammer +1, a Short Sword +1, a Cursed Berserking Sword +3, a Ring of Invisibility, a Cloak of Non-Detection, and some Studded Leather +1.

4 - The Adventurer's Mart

What is any adventurer without some decent equipment? Ribald Barterman is one of the most famous retired adventurers in Athkatla, having served with several parties over his many years and having travelled over half the breadth of Faerūn. The exact nature of his adventures is unknown, but Ribald has been known to remark on battles with beholders or orc armies as off-handedly as one might speak of the weather. Upon his retirement in his home city where he is best known, Ribald opened a store called ‘the Adventurer's Mart' within the great marketplace known as Waukeen's Promenade. Items of almost any sort, from the mundane to the exotic, may be found within Ribald's store... and the man, himself, is often a font of helpful information and advice.

If you have the Collector's Edition bonus disc (or have downloaded the bonus merchant file from our downloads section), you will be able to buy items from Deidre inside here as well. For all of you thieves out there, you'll want to make an attempt at pickpocketing Ribald while you're here. I doubt he'll miss his Ring of Regeneration anyway.

5 - Cernd's Home

If you have Cernd in your party, you'll learn that this is his former home.

6 - Horn of Valhalla Weaponsmith

If you possess the Silver Horn of Valhalla, the weaponsmith here can upgrade it for you. For 2000 gold pieces and a Diamond, he will upgrade it to a Bronze Horn of Valhalla, and for an additional 5000 gold pieces and a Beljuril, he will upgrade it to an Iron Horn of Valhalla. These upgrades will allow you to summon a more powerful berserker each day.

7 - Ore Merchant

The Ore Merchant sets up shop here. If you are doing the sculpture quest for one of the temples in the Temple District, you can find out where to find Illithium Ore here.