Hydroponics Sectors B & C
Hydroponics Sectors B & C

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1 - Arrival

Upon taking the Elevator up from one of the lower decks to either Deck 3 or Deck 4, you'll be stopped on Deck 3, Hydroponics, due to a biomass blockage in the shaft. Apparently the Many have begun to use the Hydroponics deck as a breeding ground, taking advantage of its climate control systems. You'll need to find a way to get rid of them so you can head on up to Deck 4.

Grab the Audio Log from the floor in this room, then take the hallway to the left. You may encounter a Hybrid or two on the way.

2 - Office & Toxin-A Vial

There's no loot in this room, but Dr. Polito will instruct you to pick up a large vial on one of the desks - apparently, it's an experimental chemical agent called Toxin-A, designed to kill off the infestation aboard the Von Braun. You'll need to research it before understanding how to use it, though, so Polito will upload you 10 Cyber Modules in case you don't have any points in Research yet (you should). The Toxin-A Vials require two samples of Antimony (Sb) and one Vanadium (V), which you'll be able to find in the Chemical Storeroom (20) on this deck.

Afterwards, a Cyborg Midwife will spawn outside and come for you, so be on your guard. If you skipped exploring Engineering, then this will likely be your first encounter with one. They're tough, fast, and can do large amounts of damage, but they have a weakness towards melee weapons and armor-piercing bullets. They'll also drop Midwife Organs, which can be researched for a damage bonus.

3 - Office

Search the desk here for some Rifled Slugs and an Audio Log detailing a crew member's transformation.

4 - Hydroponics Sector A Door

You'll need the Hydroponics A Access Card from (14) before entering here. Inside you'll find a Security Camera at the end of the hall, and a broken Replicator; repair it for the privilege of purchasing Cigarettes, Anti-Toxin Hypos, Standard Bullets, and Version 1 Modify Software; hack it for Medical Kits.

5 - Corpse & Trash Can

Here you'll find a corpse with 10 Nanites and a PsiBoost(TM) Implant. The trash can in the corner has a couple of drinks if you're low on health.

6 - Xerxes Room

There's a security camera above you immediately upon entering from the west door, so don't run in guns blazing. The corpse on the ground in front of you has 17 Nanites and a Maintenance Tool, and there's a Wrench nearby on the floor if you really need it.

7 - Bio-Reconstruction Device

You'll find an Audio Log on the floor here detailing another crew member's encounter with the Many, and there's an Anti-Toxin Hypo on the corpse. Climb the ladder up to use the Bio-Reconstruction Device in this area. Although you can continue on, we'll get to that later; for now, exit through the door on the main floor.

8 - Audio Log & Replicator

There's another Audio Log to be listened to found on the floor in this room, and 10 Nanites on the corpse. Check the small room to the north for a Replicator, pawning Vodka, Med Hypos, Rifled Slugs and Version 1 Repair Software. You can hack it to turn the Vodka into Version 2 Repair Software if you've got the skill.

9 - Foyer

Step inside the room and you'll see a some Vodka and Rifled Slugs on the floor, but when you step forward a Cyborg Midwife will smash the glass to your left and begin firing. Take her down, and continue up the ramp, grabbing some Chips near the bench on your way out.

10 - Hydroponics Sector D Door

The Access Card to Hydroponics D lies in Sector A, so you'll need to pay it a visit before coming to Sector D. Inside the door, you'll find some EMP Grenades on the floor, but little else save for the transition to Hydroponics D.

11 - Biological Survey Offices & Toxin-A Vials

Lots to search in here. You'll likely be attacked by a Hybrid on your way in. Once he's disposed of, check the office on the left for 3 Cyber Modules in one desk, 19 Nanites and a Medical Hypo on a corpse, and an Audio Log in the other desk. There's also a Surgical Unit Activation Key on the floor just underneath it. The next south-side office contains Version 1 Research Software on the floor, and, in the desk, an MFD Game Player and a copy of Swine Hunter.

In the north offices, you'll find a broken Replicator (can't be repaired), and an Audio Log on the desk. The doors to the other office are jammed, but you can climb on the desk and break through the window to reach it. Inside you'll find two Toxin-A Vials in the desks, and a LabAssistant(TM) Implant sitting on top of one of them. Just one more to find!

12 - Lobby, Upgrade Units, Laser Turrets & More

Be very careful when approaching this room. First off, stay out of view of the windows, as you'll come under attack by some Laser Turrets if you linger there. This is complicated by a Security Camera overlooking the room, so carefully take it out without being spotted or fired upon by the Laser Turrets. Next to the Laser Turrets, you'll also find some Grub Pods, breeding pods for the Many, which will release Annelid Grubs to defend themselves - they're extremely weak, and not worth spending bullets on. Take your time, as rushing in will surely get you killed. The Many will also contact you when you go through the door to the side of the room with the Grub Pods, if you're keen on listening in.

Your well-earned reward for conquering this room are Psi and Tech Upgrade Units, as well as an O/S Upgrade Unit, the second in the game so far. Make your selection wisely, but I recommend Sharpshooter if you didn't pick it up earlier, as by now the extra damage will come in very handy and you likely have enough ammo to not rely too much on melee weapons. Cybernetically Enhanced is another good one, as you're likely swimming in upgrades by now. Be sure to spend your hard-earned Cyber Modules, as you've got more difficult times ahead. There's also a Recharging Station here should you need it.

As far as loot goes, there's a good bit in this room as well. One of the storage containers as a Light Combat Armor (though you should have better by now), there's a bunch of bullets of all types for your Pistol in three smaller crates, some Chips, and some Cigarettes on the desks, and another Audio Log on the counter.

Once you've made a round trip of the area and finished research on Toxin-A, it's time to start putting the Toxin-A Vials into the ventilation system. You'll have to find four such units around the ship.

13 - Window & Cyber Modules

Smash through the window here and jump down, grabbing the 3 Cyber Modules from the top of the crate. Continue down the hall and turn left, then climb down the ladder at (14).

14 - Environmental Regulator

Take the ladder down here to find yourself in an icy area. Kill two Hybrids and the Cyborg Midwife, as well as a large number of Grub Pods lying around the room. The Many will contact you yet again, offering you a chance to "end your suffering." Nah, not today. Put a Toxin-A Vial in the Environmental Regular, and Polito will send you 13 Cyber Modules. Time to get looting!

You'll find the following in this room: a corpse with 18 Nanites, the Hydroponics A Access Card, and an ICE Pick, a hacking tool that grants instant success; a corpse with 36 Nanites, a Speed Booster, 6 Standard Bullets and an Audio Log; another body with Version 1 Modify Software and 9 Nanites; and a body tucked away in a corner with 3 Cyber Modules next to it, as well as 38 Nanites and some AP Bullets. Whew! One down, four more to go. Climb back out and make your way to (15).

15 - Hydroponics Sector B Door

You won't have the keycard to open this door just yet, but you'll be able to grab the Grenade Launcher and a bunch of ammo for it from the floor nearby. Sweet! Use it to take out the Monkeys to the north, and proceed down the hall to (16).

16 -Audio Log & Cyber Modules

Nothing like a little boost to keep you going. Grab these two items from the floor to fulfill both your narrative and gameplay needs.

17 - Corpse

Watch out for the Security Camera to your right as you approach. Search this poor soul for some Rifled Slugs and, more importantly, the Hydroponics B Access Card.

18 - Hallway

Shoot the Grub Pods from a distance to avoid their trouble, and then continue down the hallway for a near-perfect Laser Pistol. You'll be taunted by the Many here as well. Er, sorry about your children. Time to make your way to (19) for the final sample of Toxin-A.

19 - Ghosts & Surgical Units

After fighting your way through some Monkeys, you'll come across a ghostly vision of one of the Von Braun scientists beginning the "transformation" process on one of the Cyborg Midwives. There's two Medical Hypos and one Anti-Toxin Hypo on the Surgical Units, and while they're decativated, you can use one of your Activation Keys to get one up and running. The body on the floor has a Laser Rapier, 16 Nanites and a bunch of Standard Bullets on it.

20 - Chemical Storeroom

In here, a Cyborg Midwife will attack you as you enter; search its body for an Audio Log. There's 3 Cyber Modules in the trash can, as well as a Medical Kit on the shelf along with a whole bunch of chemicals (check the desk for the manifest). What you're really here for is in the next room - search the desk for the final Toxin-A Vial, along with some Antimony (Sb) and Vanadium (V), needed to research Toxin-A if you have yet to do so.

21 - Storage Lockers & Pond

Take out the Security Camera on the opposite side of the room before it spots you. The corpse at the entrance to this room has 13 Nanites, and the locker on the left has two Medical Hypos. Dive into the water and search the floor for an Anti-Toxin Hypo.

22 - Sector C Ruined Lab

This damaged lab has a Security Camera ever-alert in the top-right corner as you come in. You'll find 3 Cyber Modules on the floor near a desk, a drink on the desk, and an Audio Log in the desk. The corpse has some Version 1 Repair software in its pockets. Proceed down the stairs to (23).

23 - Environmental Regulator

The second and last Environmental Regulator can be found in this area. You'll fight off a Hybrid as you come down the ramp, and there's a good number of Annelid Eggs to get rid of as well. You'll get 13 Cyber Modules for putting a Toxin-A Vial into the Environmental Regulator; loot-wise there's also 12 Nanites on the corpse, and search the floor near the crates on the other side of the room for an Auto-Repair Unit.

With that, you're pretty much done on Hydroponics B & C. You've got the Hydroponics A Access Card, so make your way to (4) and on to the new area!

A - Transition to Hydroponics Sector A

D - Transition to Hydroponics Sector D

E - Elevator

You'll need to return here when you've inserted Toxin-A into all of the Environmental Regulators and removed the blockage, then take the elevator to Deck 4. Note that it's technically possible to head on to Deck 5 first if you wish, but this walkthrough assumes you'll be going to Deck 4.

S - Security Control Stations