Operations Sector C
Operations Sector C

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1 - Power Admin & Offices

You'll end up in this room if you came in via the far side of Operations B. Immediately upon entering you'll come into the sight range of a Security Camera on the left, and a Protocol Droid will also try to take you down with him. In the middle of the room you'll find a few Annelid Pods hanging from the ceiling, including a couple inside vents near a pack of 20 Nanites on the floor. There's a hackable security crate in the south-east office containing 20 Nanites and a LabAssistant(TM) Implant, as well as an Audio Log in the south-west office desk.

2 - Quantum Simulation Unit

As you step in, SHODAN will contact you and tell you that the console in front of you needs to be reprogrammed using a Quantum Simulation Chip. Upon doing so, you'll receive 15 Cyber Modules. Two more to go.

3 - Crystal Shard

In this room, SHODAN will point out an item on the floor, the Crystal Shard. It's the most powerful melee weapon in the game, but it must both be researched and you must have several points placed into the Exotic weapon tree in order to use it. The corpse also has a Psi Hypo on it if you need one.

4 - Hanging Corpse

On the way down the hallway, you'll spot a body with another game for your MFD Game Player, Street Hog. You'll find a body hanging from the ceiling in the next room, surrounded by several Annelid Grubs; more will drop from the corpse when you get close to it. There's a Psi Hypo on the floor underneath, and the corpse itself has 3 Cyber Modules and some Proximity Grenades on it.

5 - Replicator

This Replicator's got Psi Hypos, Medical Hypos, Strength Boosters and... Mugs for sale. Hack it in order to buy the far more useful Medical Kits instead. The corpse on the floor has 6 Anti-Personnel Bullets on it, and there's a broken pistol nearby if you want it.

6 - Mess Hall West

Almost immediately upon entering, you'll be attacked by some Turrets from across the room. Hide behind cover and take them out from as far away as you can, as well as the Security Camera in the middle of the room. There's two corpses near the Turrets, one with 25 Nanites and another with a Laser Pistol and a Maintenance Tool.

7 - Washrooms

As you enter, there's a corpse with a Wrench nearby if you need one. The women's bathroom doesn't have too much to find, save for a couple of Grub Pods and a corpse with some AP Bullets and 20 Nanites, but the men's room isn't much more fruitful, containing only a Hybrid, another Annelid Pod, and 25 Nanites in one of the stalls.

8 - Mess Hall East & Replicator

You'll enter into a ghostly performance showing Bronson's security team taking out some crew members. During this sequence, a Maintenance Bot will appear and attack you from behind, so be prepared for it. You'll find another Replicator in this room, selling Vodka, Maintenance Tools, Anti-Personnel Shells, and Proximity Grnades, with a hack encouraging the machine to dispense Version 2 Repair Software. The corpses have no loot, but you'll find an Audio Log at the far end of the room.

9 - Kitchen

In here, you'll be attacked by a Monkey. Search the small room in the back for 3 Cyber Modules and 10 Nanites in the overturned desk, plus several Chips on the floor.

10 - Food Storage

Ah, delicious, scrumptuous food... er, if you like your meal with Annelids, anyway. You'll find some minor dangers here, namely, a few Swarm Pods, which, as their name indicates, release Annelid Swarms if you get close, so take them out from a distance if you can, before they respond; be especially careful of the one near the very back of the room, hidden behind a freezer. There's only a little bit of loot: 15 Nanites on a corpse in a freezer, some AP Bullets in one of the fridges, and a corpse near the back of the room has a Medical Hypo along with a broken Shotgun.

11 - Storage Room

Take out the Pods in this room, then search the crates for 3 Cyber Modules, an ICE Pick and some Rifled Slugs.

12 - Upper Level

You'll want to go this way to avoid the radiation leak in the hallway near (11). There's a few Hybrids instead, including ones armed with grenades, so act accordingly. In the small room you'll find an Audio Log on the floor, and the corpse on the stairs down has some Rifled Slugs, 20 Nanites and a Shotgun in very good condition.

13 - Recharging Station

Ah, finally. Charge up all your items, then search the nearby corpse for some Standard Bullets and Proximity Grenades, and hack the crate for 20 Nanites and 6 AP Bullets.

14 - Bio-Reconstruction Device & Red Cyborg Assassin

Another Red Cyborg Assassin will flee as you approach. Activate the Bio-Reconstruction Device, then prepare to battle a Monkey and a couple of Hybrids. You may also come under attack by a Protocol Droid or two. When it's safe, search the crates nearby for some Anti-Personnel Shells and Standard Bullets.

15 - Lounge & Upgrade Stations

Seems like there's a lot of recreational stuff for a deck called Operations. No matter. Search the corpse in the entrance for an Anti-Toxin Hypo and 10 nanites, as well as a Crystal Shard, then closely examine the chairs to find 2 Cyber Modules (armrest) and a Maintenance Tool (floor).

Take the Grav Shaft up to the second level and you'll come under attack by some Annelid Grubs... quite a few in fact, and in these numbers they can actually pose a danger, so you may want to avoid charging in. There's a couple of drinks on the counter for you, and the corpse has a Maintenance Tool and Medical Hypo on it.

Finally, you'll find a couple of Upgrade Units scattered around, two on the lower floor and two on the upper floor.

16 - Data Storage

Mind the Security Camera on your way in. You'll spot the Red Cyborg Assassin in here. Don't step too far in, however, as explosive crates will begin falling from the upper level! They will continue to fall until the Red Cyborg Assassin is dead, and he's at the far side of the room. Either run your way in close and melee him, or simply sit and wait for him to be crushed by his own trap.

Once he's dead, SHODAN will give you 10 Cyber Modules; go and claim the Interpolated Simulation Chip from his body. Search the crates near the entrance for an Audio Log, near the broken elevator for an EMP Rifle, Medical Kit and an Unresearched Object requiring Cesium (Cs). The corpse on the floor holds 20 Nanites and Version 1 Modify Software, which is probably redundant by now. Last, there's a pack of 20 Nanites high up on a ledge, on the north side of the room, but you'll need your psi powers to reach it.

17 - Destroyed Laser Turret

You'll find this Laser Turret already destroyed when you arrive. The Laser Turret has a Portable Battery for you, while the corpse contains 2 Cyber Modules and some Anti-Personnel Shells. Last, there's an Audio Log on the floor nearby. If you entered this way via the main lobby in Operations B, you'll begin here, rather than at the Mess Hall (1).

A - Transition to Operations Sector A

C - Transition to Operations Sector C

D - Transition to Operations Sector D

E - Elevator

R - Radiation Leak

S - Security Control Stations