Operations Sector A
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1 - Hallway & Dr. Polito's Corpse

When you reach Deck 4, Operations, this will be the only area accessible to you after leaving the Elevator Room back in Operations B. Proceed down the hallway and you'll find yourself in Dr. Polito's office. Dr. Polito is, in fact, dead, and the walls will soon literally peel back to reveal SHODAN, the malicious artificial intelligence from the first System Shock; indeed, she was the AI mentioned in some of the audio logs you may have stumbled across, and has been manipulating you since the start. She'll then dispense some backstory related to the Annelids, Citadel Station, and her intentions.

At this point you'll be given a task: shut down the three Simulation Units being used to create hybrid soldiers by the Many. There's little left for you to do in Operations A, so leave back the way you came. It's time to get hunting.