Hydroponics Sector D
Hydroponics Sector D

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1 - Grim Corridor

A rather morbid scene awaits your arrival here. Destroy the three Grub Pods from a distance, and when you're done, you'll likely be approached by a Cyborg Midwife from the right-hand door. Dispose of her as well. On the floor near the entrance, you'll find a rather disturbing Audio Log of Diego describing the promises the Many have made to him.

As far as loot goes, there's 20 Nanites, some Proximity Grenades and an EndurBoost(TM) Implant (visually identical to a BrawnBoost(tm) Implant).

2 - Foyer

You'll find a Psi Hypo in the desk, as well as a Beaker and an Audio Log, and the Replicator nearby will provide you with Cigarettes, Fragmentation Grenades, Maintenance Tools and Psi Hypos (hack it for Incendiary Grenades instead of Cigarettes). There's also another Audio Log on the upper level, resting on a computer console, as well as a storage crate with a Maintenance Tool, and a secure crate with a French-Epstein Device. Carefully search the floor between the right-hand storage crate and the computer console for 3 Cyber Modules.

3 - Control Room

Inside here, you'll find a broken EMP Rifle on the control console. The EMP Rifle can be very useful if you get it back in working order, though of course only against cyborgs and robots. The corpse in the corner is a treasure trove: Powered Armor provides +50% defense, but requires a charge to remain functional, just like your Implants. There's also a Medical Hypo, Speed Booster and 65 Nanites on the same corpse.

4 - Hidden Stash

This one is pretty tricky to find, but some decent loot's in it for you. Start by smashing the window in the Control Room at (3), then carefully jump down to the catwalk - save first, because if you miss and fall, you will die. One corner of the room has a ladder; climb up it, then navigate your way across the pipes to a small compartment near the ceiling.

Inside, you'll find 3 Cyber Modules, Anti-Personnel Shells, a Maintenance Tool, some Champagne, and a magazine if you need some reading material. To get back, you'll have to jump or fall from one of the pipes onto the window ledge.

5 - Coolant Tank Chamber Entrance

Approach this room with caution. Down the slope you'll find a couple of Grub Pods and a Cyborg Midwife to dispose of. Continue forward, and you'll be attacked by a new enemy - Annelid Arachnids, spider-like creatures that will jump at you. They don't do much damage, but they can be hard to hit and their bite is toxic, so be sure you have some Anti-Toxin Hypos on hand. There should be about three of them here.

6 - Coolant Tank Chamber East

There's two more Annelid Eggs here for you to break apart, and a corpse has 20 Nanites and a bunch of Anti-Personnel Shells on it. Last, be sure to search the recessed section of the floor for 3 Cyber Modules.

7 - Coolant Tank Chamber West

You'll find another two Grub Pods as you round the bend, so be careful to not walk into them in the low light. There are no enemies in this room otherwise, but the Many will speak to you once more. Thankfully, there are a couple of corpses with some decent loot; one contains a bunch of Standard Bullets and Version 2 Repair Software, and the other holds some AP Bullets, an Anti-Toxin Hypo and 20 Nanites. There's also a broken Pistol on the ground, if you really want it. When you're done, move on to the Environmental Regulator at (8).

8 - Environmental Regulator

The final Environmental Regulator awaits you! Slide in your last Toxin-A sample and the Annelid growth will recede to almost nothing. You'll receive 14 Cyber Modules, and Dr. Polito will congratulate your efforts. It seems that the elevator shaft back in Hydroponics B & C is clear, so you may access Deck 4, Operations. Time to meet Dr. Polito face to face.

A - Transition to Hydroponics Sectors B & C