Utility Items
Utility items are those which are used to perform functions on other items in the game, including weapon repair, computer hacking, or turning all those useless trinkets into shiny new Nanites. Read onward for a list of all of them.

Disposable Maintenance Tool Disposable Maintenance Tool
Description: Improves weapon condition. Uncommon, often hidden in the environment or on dead crew members. Occasionally sold by Replicators. Invaluable if you are using any type of non-melee weapon. Disappears on use.

Auto-Repair Unit Auto-Repair Unit
Description: Instantly repairs any broken weapon, regardless of type. Rare, found on dead crew members and in the environment. Nearly obsoletes the Repair skill. Disappears on use.

French-Epstein Device French-Epstein Device
Description: Instantly modifies any weapon, regardless of type or condition. Very rare, found in the environment and on dead crew members. Disappears on use.

Portable Battery Portable Battery
Description: Recharges a given powered item, with amount recharged based on Maintenance skill. Uncommon, found on destroyed robots and Cyborg Midwives, and very rarely in the environment. Disappears on use.

ICE Pick ICE Pick
Description: Automatically hacks any hackable system, regardless of difficulty. Very rare, usually hidden in the environment. Disappears on use.

Surgical Unit Activation Key Surgical Unit Activation Key
Description: Used to activate non-functioning Incomplete Surgical Units around the Von Braun and Rickenbacker. Working Surgical Units fully restore Hit Points for a small Nanite fee. Very rare, found in the environment and on dead crew members. Disappears on use. Save these only for when needed.

MFD Game Player MFD Game Player
Description: Portable game console for your MFD. Must be loaded with game cartridges to function, or hacked (Hack 6 required), which opens up all games and reduces difficulty. No real use, save further entertainment or killing time while researching objects. Very rare, found on dead crew members.

MFD Game Cartridge MFD Game Cartridge
Description: These Game Cartridges upload various games to your MFD Game Player. Seems wi-fi hasn't caught on in the future. The games available are Swinekeeper (Minesweeper), OverWorld Zero (Ultima), Street Hog (Frogger), Tic-Tac-Triop (Tic-Tac-Toe), Swine Hunter (Spy Hunter), and Golf (uh, golf).

Recycler Recycler
Description: Converts items (ammo, hypos, consumables, some utility items) into Nanites, with the amount of Nanites varying based to some degree on the item's value and number recycled. Very rare, purchased in Replicators on Operations and later.