Miscellaneous Items
Although System Shock 2 is rife with items that have a clear function, some just exist, either for the purposes of the storyline, others as odds and ends. You'll find the most important of these items here.

Cyber Modules Cyber Modules
Description: Cyber Modules are your cybernetic currency in System Shock 2, used to upgrade your rig with improved Stats, additional Psi Powers, and so forth. You'll receive these for completing objectives, but there are many hidden in the environment as well - see our Cyber Modules page for more details on where they all are.

Nanites Nanites
Description: Nanites are the futuristic currency in System Shock 2, used to purchase (or, more accurately, replicate) certain objects around the Von Braun and Rickenbacker, as well as to perform certain tasks, like hacking and weapon modifications. You'll find them just about eveywhere, most commonly on dead crew members, but you can also gain them by using the Recycler item and the Molecular Transmutation Psi Power.

Access Card Access Card
Description: There are several Access Cards of different type scattered throughout the Von Braun, necessary to open locked doors. Your first will be the Crew Quarters Access Card on MedSci, and most other decks have at least one of these to access various sub-areas.

Audio Log Audio Log
Description: One of System Shock 2's trademarks, Audio Logs are found all over the Von Braun and Rickebacker, and detail everything from the idle thoughts of crew members, to passcodes for item caches. A sub-category of these are Chemical Manifests, which look the same, but have no audio, only a text listing of the chemicals in a given deck's storeroom. For more details on where to find these, please see our Audio Logs page.

Power CellDead Power Cell Power Cell & Dead Power Cell
Description: The Power Cell, and its drained counterpart, will be one of the first items you run across in MedSci. These Power Cells are different from Portable Batteries in that they aren't used to charge up your items - rather, you'll need to use them to restore power to certain devices, most notably doors. Dead Power Cells must be charged using a Recharging Station before they become normal, functional Power Cells.

Basketball Basketball
Description: There is only one of these found in the entire game, and it's at the very beginning. Just after starting the game, take the Grav Shaft towards the UNN Recruitment building, but turn right down the street and climb up one of the support columns off to the side to find the Basketball. The only purpose it serves is to open up an easter egg significantly later in the game - throw it through the basketball hoop in the Athletics area of the Recreation deck, and you'll receive a special e-mail transmission.

Version 1 Hack SoftwareVersion 2 Hack SoftwareVersion 3 Hack Software Version 1, 2 & 3 Hack Software
Description: Reduces hacking difficulty level, with Version 3 providing the greatest benefit.

Version 1 Modify SoftwareVersion 2 Modify SoftwareVersion 3 Modify Software Version 1, 2 & 3 Modify Software
Description: Reduces weapon modification failure chance, with Version 3 providing the greatest benefit.

Version 1 Repair SoftwareVersion 2 Repair SoftwareVersion 3 Repair Software Version 1, 2 & 3 Repair Software
Description: Reduces weapon repair failure chance, with Version 3 providing the greatest benefit.

Version 1 Research SoftwareVersion 2 Research SoftwareVersion 3 Research Software Version 1, 2 & 3 Research Software
Description: Reduces time required to research items, with Version 3 providing the greatest benefit.