Psi Powers
Psi Powers in System Shock 2 effectively provide an alternative to magic - though unlike some of the spells you might find in other RPGs, in System Shock 2, Psi is more concentraded on providing improvements to your character's stats and abilities, unique ways to solve problems, and generally isn't going to be effective in combat. Whether you're just dabbling in Psi or want to dedicate your entire character to it, though, Psi Powers undeniably provide some very big advantages.

Psi Powers are purchased using Cyber Modules, and organised into five tiers, which themselves must be bought using Cyber Modules - you won't be able to unlock the abilities on a given tier without spending the points on that tier itself. However, you don't need to actually buy all the tiers to get the highest-level powers - it's possible to buy Psi Powers from only the fifth tier, for instance, bypassing all the others, though most tiers each have a few useful abilities that you'll want to pick up.

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