Second Tier Psi Powers
Antipersonnel Pistol Rounds Second Tier Neural Capacity (20 Cyber Modules)
Description: Enables second-tier Psi Powers and raises Psi Points by 4. All second-tier Psi Powers cost 2 Psi Points to use.
Assessment: Second-tier Psi Powers are less useful than the first tier overall, though there are a few good ones here that may make this tier worth picking up for some characters.

Antipersonnel Pistol Rounds Anti-Entropic Field (5 Cyber Modules)
Description: While active, ranged weapons cannot break, and their condition will not degrade. Duration: 10 seconds + 20 seconds per Psi level
Assessment: As Maintenance is one of the best Tech skills, it's hard to justify this Psi Power. It lasts a decent amount of time, but even then, Maintenance has other benefits, and Maintenance Tool items are plentiful. Give this one a pass.

Antipersonnel Pistol Rounds Adrenaline Overproduction (5 Cyber Modules)
Description: Increases hand-to-hand damage by a factor equal to Psi level. Duration: 10 seconds per Psi level.
Assessment: What the description doesn't tell you is that "increases" really means "multiplies". As such, Adrenaline Overproduction is extremely powerful for melee-oriented characters, to the point of being indespensible. For anyone else, though, it can be safely skipped, as melee weapons are already "good enough" unless you're taking on Rumblers with them.

Antipersonnel Pistol Rounds Neural Decontamination (5 Cyber Modules)
Description: Sheilds you from 80% of radiation damage. Duration: 10 seconds + 5 seconds per Psi level.
Assessment: Radiation is only a concern in a few parts of the game, like on Engineering. The low duration isn't very helpful either. You're better served carring the Hazard Suit around instead.

Antipersonnel Pistol Rounds Cerebro-Stimulated Regeneration (5 Cyber Modules)
Description:Regenerates lost Hit Points. Amount: 2 Hit Points per Psi level.
Assessment: If you don't mind trading Psi Points for Hit Points, this is an excellent Psi Power, as you'll save a lot of Nanites by not having to buy so many Medical Hypos. Best used for efficient post-battle healing, as it's too slow to use during combat.

Antipersonnel Pistol Rounds Psychogenic Strength (5 Cyber Modules)
Description: Increases your Strength by 2. Duration: 2 minutes + 1 minute per Psi level.
Assessment: Unlike Agility, Strength is a priority skill for most characters, especially melee fighters. As such, it's hard to justify this Psi Power, especially next to Psychogenic Agility, which has a lower cost. Otherwise, this is a useful alternative for temporary inventory space increases, or to give you an edge in melee combat.

Antipersonnel Pistol Rounds Recursive Psionic Amplification (5 Cyber Modules)
Description: Increases your Psi by 2, and Psi Point costs are doubled while active. Duration: 10 seconds + 10 seconds per Psi level.
Assessment: See that bit about doubling Psi Point costs? Psi Hypos are your only way of refilling Psi Points, and Psi Hypos are expensive. As such, this condition alone is enough to make this Psi Power near-useless. The temporary improvement can theoretically make low-duration Psi Powers more useful for casual Psi users, but probably isn't worth the cost.

Antipersonnel Pistol Rounds Localized Pyrokinesis (5 Cyber Modules)
Description: Damages all creatures within a five-foot radius. Higher Psi level increases damage. Duration: 15 seconds + 8 seconds per Psi level.
Assessment: The damage isn't particularly great, but it can be used to augment a heavy melee fighter. Importantly, though, you won't take any damage from fire while using this Psi Power, and it can be combined with Photonic Redirection (Invisibility). The latter fact means this Psi Power can be very useful for those who don't want to get their hands dirty, and who don't mind waiting.