Third Tier Psi Powers
Antipersonnel Pistol Rounds Third Tier Neural Capacity (30 Cyber Modules)
Description: Enables third-tier Psi Powers and raises Psi Points by 6. All third-tier Psi Powers cost 3 Psi Points to use.
Assessment: There are several excellent third-tier powers, and combined with the first tier, they make up the best choices for non-Psi-oriented characters.

Antipersonnel Pistol Rounds Molecular Duplication (8 Cyber Modules)
Description: Uses Nanites to duplicate one ammo clip or hypo. Chance of success: 30% + 10% per Psi level.
Assessment: Sounds better than it is. You're likely going to be using only a few types of ammo in total, and Nanites are plentiful enough that you can buy it when you need it. Using the Recycler item on unneeded items is a better alternative to pay for what you need. The one exception are users of Exotic weapons, who will find it easier to duplicate Worm Clusters than collect or find new ones.

Antipersonnel Pistol Rounds Electron Cascade (8 Cyber Modules)
Description: Recharges a single charged item or weapon. Amount: 20% per Psi level, up to the maximum allowed by your Maintenance level.
Assessment: One of the best Psi Powers in the game, perhaps the best. Implants are useful for any type of character, and items like the Powered Armor tend to run out of juice right when you need them, not to mention Energy weapons' power requirements. Since Recharging Stations and Portable Batteries can be rare, especially late-game, you'll almost certainly want this Psi Power at some point.

Antipersonnel Pistol Rounds Energy Reflection (8 Cyber Modules)
Description: Provides 50% immunity to all energy-based damage. Duration: 20 seconds per Psi level.
Assessment: Occasionally useful when going up against Laser Turrets or Military Bots, the latter of which can ruin your day very fast, but are uncommon. Probably not worth the Cyber Modules unless you have some to spare.

Antipersonnel Pistol Rounds Neural Toxin-Blocker (8 Cyber Modules)
Description: Sheilds you from 100% of toxin absorbtion. Duration: 10 seconds + 5 seconds per Psi level.
Assessment: Although Annelid Arachnids are a real threat due to their toxic attacks, and Anti-Toxin Hypos seem to always be in short supply, the sad fact is that this Psi Power is just too slow to use in the heat of combat, and it doesn't last long enough to prep before a fight. Don't bother with this one.

Antipersonnel Pistol Rounds Enhanced Motion Sensitivity (8 Cyber Modules)
Description: Shows the location of all nearby creatures. Duration: 30 seconds per Psi level.
Assessment: Can be useful to avoid the occasional ambush. Otherwise, don't bother, as most enemies make easily-identifiable noise that will alert you to their presence.

Antipersonnel Pistol Rounds Projected Pyrokinesis (8 Cyber Modules)
Description: Launches a fiery projectile at a target. Higher Psi level increases damage.
Assessment: For Psi-only users, this will be your bread and butter as far as dealing damage goes, as this attack is reasonably powerful, and charges up quickly as well. The downside is that it does absolutely no damage to robotic enemies (yes, none), and it's somewhat expensive to use when you consider you'll need at least a couple of shots to take out most enemies. Get this if you're a dedicated Psionic, otherwise avoid it entirely.

Antipersonnel Pistol Rounds Psionic Hypnogenesis (8 Cyber Modules)
Description: Target non-robotic creature will stand still and docile. Effect ends when creature takes damage. Duration: 20 seconds per Psi level.
Assessment: This is a very useful way to take high-level enemies out of the fight, provided you know the enemy's there in advance. Combined with stealthy tactics, you can avoid wasting a lot of ammo or Psi Points dealing with the more powerful enemies later in the game.