Whether you're bashing in the head of a Hybrid, filling a Cyborg Midwife full of holes, or dismantling a Military Bot to its base components, you'll need weapons to do it. System Shock 2 features a wide variety of tools for the task, everything from basic pistols to advanced energy weapons. The question is, which tool is best for the job, and how should you specialise your massive killing capacity?

Weapons in System Shock 2 are organised into four main categories, which correlate to four main proficiencies. These are Standard, Heavy, Energy and Exotic. Unlike some RPGs, where weaponry is characterised by its method of damage-dealing (i.e. melee vs. pistols), in System Shock 2, weapons are defined by their origin, ammo types, and so forth. Weapons in System Shock 2 degrade with use, the sole exception being melee weapons, and all ranged weapons can receive modifications to make them more effective. Maintenance can be performed using the Maintenance skill, or by using Maintenance Tools, while modifications can be installed with the Modify skill, or French-Epstein Devices.

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