Grenade Launcher
Grenade Launcher If you've ever played a shooter before, you know how satisfying a good grenade launcher can be to use. Fortunately, System Shock 2 does not disappont. The Grenade Launcher has the distinction of being both one of the most powerful and versatile weapons in the game, able to not only fire standard Fragmentation Grenades, but Incendiary, EMP, Proximity and Disruption Grenades as well, which means it's capable of tackling just about any threat. Its biggest drawback, unfortunately, is the scarcity of its ammunition, which makes it at best a situational weapon... but in that role, it performs wonderfully. Even if you're not interested in Heavy Weapons, the Grenade Launcher is worth the investment all on its own.

Requirements: Heavy Weapons 1 (Maintenance 2, Repair 2)

Fire Modes: Contact Detonation, Bounce Detonation


Fragmentation Grenades Fragmentation Grenades
The standard ammo type for the Grenade Launcher, Fragmentation Grenades are more common than other types, and all-around effective for most purposes. Use it against clusters of weaker enemies, or toss a few towards a Military Bot to give it something to think about.

Incendiary Grenades Incendiary Grenades
Fire! Burn! Mwahaha! While nearly useless against the mechanical enemies you'll find during your stay aboard the Von Braun, Incendiary Grenades make extremey short work of just about anything living and breathing. Just be sure not to be nearby when one of these goes off.

EMP Grenades EMP Grenades
EMP Grenades do huge amounts of damage to mechanical enemies, but are ineffective against anything else. Save these for the big guys - Security Bots, Missile Turrets, etc.

Proximity Grenades Proximity Grenades
Proximity Grenades do similar damage to Fragmentation Grenades, but act as land mines, going off whenever an enemy comes near. Great for laying traps, guarding an area, or just tossing at the floor and waiting to see who comes knocking.

Disruption Grenades Disruption Grenades
Ah, Disruption Grenades. One of the rarest ammo types until the very late game, Disruption Grenades have a smaller blast radius, but do incredible amounts of damage. Use these against powerful single targets to take them down instantly.


Upgrade 1 - Clip Size & Damage Increase
Adding to the ludicrous power of the Grenade Launcher, this modification improves its capacity to 9, while increasing its damage by an additional 10%.

Upgrade 2 - Projectile Speed & Damage Increase
As if it wasn't effective enough already, the second modification to the Grenade Launcher increases the speed at which its projectiles move, all the while pushing its damage bonus up to 25%.