Assault Rifle
Assault Rifle Now we're talking! The Assault Rifle is the ultimate Standard Weapon, able to decimate just about any target in the game. The only downside? It's got some very, very steep requirements, and is only found late in the game (unless you cheat and grab it well before intended on MedSci, behind a locked door). The Assault Rifle is so good, it's arguably overpowered, able to reduce most of the game's enemies to non-threats. Provided you can manage its ammunition and fire in single shots rather than full-auto, you'll never want to put this gun down!

Requirements: Standard Weapons 6, Strength 2 (Maintenance 4, Repair 4)

Fire Modes: Single Shot, Automatic


Standard Bullets Standard Bullets
Standard Bullets are the most plentiful of all ammo types in the game, freely found both during exploration and purchased from Replicators. They do average damage to all enemies.

Armor-Piercing Bullets Armor-Piercing Bullets
Armor-Piercing Bullets (or AP Bullets) are much less common than Standard Bullets, but have the added benefit of being extremely useful when put against armored targets and robots. Don't squander these against Hybrids, Cyborg Midwives and Security Cameras; instead, save them for Security Bots and Laser Turrets, as they're both rare and expensive.

Anti-Personnel Bullets Anti-Personnel Bullets
As the name implies, Anti-Personnel Bullets are effective against soft targets, including just about everything the Many will throw at you, from Hybrids all the way up to Rumblers. Anti-Personnel Bullets are more common than Armor-Piercing Bullets, but that's in keeping with the larger numbers of organic enemies you'll be up against.


Upgrade 1 - Reloading Speed & Damage Increase
The Assault Rifle has a fairly large clip, even by default, but this will make it even more deadly, with a 2/3rds reload time reduction, and a 10% extra damage.

Upgrade 2 - Clip Size & Damage Increase
The final modification for the Assault Rifle increases its magazine from 36 to 72 bullets, and boosts its damage up to 25% over the base.