Fusion Cannon
Fusion Cannon The Fusion Cannon is an odd beast. Although it's supposed to represent a superweapon, it really isn't one. Instead, it's a powerful, but somewhat specialised gun that's most useful in taking out robots and other mechanical enemies. Unfortunately, it's not very useful when put up against Rumblers and other high-level enemies, and the slow projectiles mean you'll be having trouble hitting faster foes like Cyborg Assassins. You'll first find it in broken form near the end of Recreation, in the Athletics area.

The real upside to the Fusion Cannon is its ammo efficiency. Prisms are easy to come by during the later stages of the game, and while the Stasis Field Generator uses tons of them, the Fusion Cannon is comparatively quite conservative. The Grenade Launcher may do more damage, but it's the Fusion Cannon you'll turn to when looking to take down smaller enemies in one shot. The major downside is that it's got some fairly high requirements, though Heavy Weapons is worth upgrading if you've taken the Grenade Launcher with you. For what it is, the Fusion Cannon is a decent, if anti-climactic weapon.

Requirements: Heavy Weapons 6, Strength 4 (Maintenance 3, Repair 4)

Fire Modes: Normal Mode, Death Mode (slower projectile, more powerful)


Prisms Prisms
Prisms are rare early on but become fairly common in the late game. A portable energy source, they provide nourishment to high-powered weapons like the Stasis Field Generator and Fusion Cannon. There are no inherent advantages or disadvantages in them as a result.


Upgrade 1 - Clip Size & Damage Increase
The standard first round of modification for the Fusion Cannon increases its clip to 80, while topping up its damage with a 10% improvement.

Upgrade 2 - Ammo Consumption Decrease & Damage Increase
You'll keep your Fusion Cannon well-fed with this upgrade, making it an extremely efficient Heavy Weapon in the end, consuming only 1 Prism per shot. The standard damage bonus of 25% applies as well.