Stasis Field Generator
Fusion Cannon The Stasis Field Generator is one of the few weapons in System Shock 2 that is of questionable value at best. Actually calling it a weapon is a bit of a misnomer, since in actuality it doesn't do damage. However, it nevertheless has combat utility - stunning enemies and holding them in place, which gives you a chance to either deal some damage to them with impunity, or simply run away if you don't care to fight.

The major problem with the Stasis Field Generator is, even if you want to run past your enemies instead of kill them, there are other alternatives available. Speed Boosters are plentiful, and even a couple of points in Agiltiy will give you the speed needed to outrun most enemies. If you're going Psi, there are plenty of Psi Powers that help you escape from enemies as well. On top of that, the time taken to switch between weapons means your window for attacking stunned enemies is less than ideal. Keep the Stasis Field Generator around if you really want it, but you're better off spending those Prisms on the Fusion Cannon.

Requirements: Heavy Weapons 3, Strength 3 (Maintenance 3, Repair 6)

Fire Modes: Stasis Freeze, Stasis Freeze (area of effect)


Prisms Prisms
Prisms are rare early on but become fairly common in the late game. A portable energy source, they provide nourishment to high-powered weapons like the Stasis Field Generator and Fusion Cannon. There are no inherent advantages or disadvantages in them as a result.


Upgrade 1 - Projectile Speed Increase
This modification launches the stasis field projectiles twice as quickly as normal.

Upgrade 2 - Ammo Consumption Decrease
The Stasis Field Generator chews through Prisms like candy, so a 50% reduction in its consumption rate goes a long way to keeping you in supply.