Laser Rapier
Laser Rapier Like the rest of the Energy Weapons, the Laser Rapier represents an interesting alternative. Although it's not quite as powerful as the Crystal Shard against all targets, it deals a damage bonus against mechanical and robotic enemies, and has no ammunition or even a battery to manage. You'll find one in Engineering, making it available early on (probably earlier than you can use it, unless you save up your Cyber Modules), but there's only a couple more of them found later in the game. For most characters, the Wrench is "good enough", and the Energy Weapons requirement on the Rapier is a bit hard to stomach, but as a specialty weapon or lead-in to the Crystal Shard, the Lasier Rapier is hard to beat.

Requirements: Energy Weapons 4, Agility 3

Fire Modes: Standard Attack, Power Attack (with Smasher O/S Upgrade)