Crystal Shard
Crystal Shard For those interested in melee combat, this weapon is for you. Introduced on the Operations deck, the Crystal shard is a supremely powerful melee weapon that won't leave you wanting for more damage. Considering how early you get it (about halfway through the game), you'll have plenty of Cyber Modules to perform the research needed to wield it, and it becomes even more deadly as you upgrade your Exotic Weapons stat. Like other Exotic Weapons, it must be researched before use.

The Crystal Shard also has a couple of other benefits. It has a wider reach than any of the other melee weapons, meaning you'll be kept a little bit safer when using it. It also tends to hit at the left-hand side of the crosshair rather than the centre, which makes it just a little bit more useful for circle-strafing around enemies. Augmented with Adrenaline Overproduction, you have a weapon that can dispose of a Rumbler in a single blow. Who can say no to that?

Requirements: Exotic Weapons 1, Research 4 (Yttrium)

Fire Modes: Standard Attack, Power Attack (with Smasher O/S Upgrade)