Pistol Ah, the Pistol, the old standby. You'll find several of these on the MedSci deck shortly after starting the game; however, the Pistol won't be very useful early due to the scarcity of its ammo. Though it might be hard, limit your use of it to the occasional Security Camera and Turret, and by Engineering onward you should be swimming in ammunition, and in a place where it's actually worth firing.

Requirements: Standard Weapons 1 (Maintenance 1, Repair 1)

Fire Modes: Single Shot, Three-Shot Burst


Standard Bullets Standard Bullets
Standard Bullets are the most plentiful of all ammo types in the game, freely found both during exploration and purchased from Replicators. They do average damage to all enemies.

Armor-Piercing Bullets Armor-Piercing Bullets
Armor-Piercing Bullets (or AP Bullets) are much less common than Standard Bullets, but have the added benefit of being extremely useful when put against armored targets and robots. Don't squander these against Hybrids, Cyborg Midwives and Security Cameras; instead, save them for Security Bots and Laser Turrets, as they're both rare and expensive.

Anti-Personnel Bullets Anti-Personnel Bullets
As the name implies, Anti-Personnel Bullets are effective against soft targets, including just about everything the Many will throw at you, from Hybrids all the way up to Rumblers. Anti-Personnel Bullets are more common than Armor-Piercing Bullets, but that's in keeping with the larger numbers of organic enemies you'll be up against.


Upgrade 1 - Clip Size & Damage Increase
The Pistol itself is a bit of a pea-shooter, but this upgrade will increase its clip size from 12 to 24, and will additionally provide a 10% damage bonus. Requires Modify level 1.

Upgrade 2 - Reloading Speed Decrease & Damage Increase
The second upgrade for the Pistol will reduce the reloading time by 2/3rds, while also providing another damage increase up to 25% over the standard. Keeps the Pistol useful even into the mid-late game. Requires Modify level 3.