Annelid Launcher
Annelid Launcher The Annelid Launcher is, more or less, an upgrade over the Viral Proliferator. It loses the strange firing method, replacing that with a massive damage bonus and the ability to home in on targets. You'll encounter the Annelid Launcher aboard the Rickenbacker Bridge late into the game, and a couple more will show up afterwards. As far as Exotic Weapons go, it's as exotic as they get.

The major defining characteristic of the Annelid Launcher is its "fire and forget" style, making accuracy significantly less important, and allowing you to simply run past most enemies, ignoring them as they're torn to shreds. The downside is a lack of effectiveness against anything mechanical, but considering you'll see so few of them beyond the point in the game you find it, that's not really a major concern. Considering it's able to take down Rumblers and Psi Reavers like nothing else, it's hard to complain... but the high stat requirements may give you pause.

Requirements: Exotic Weapons 6, Research 6 (Molybdenum, Selenium), (Maintenance 4, Repair 5)

Fire Modes: Anti-Annelid, Anti-Human


Small Worm ClusterLarge Worm Cluster Worm Clusters
If you've spotted piles of worms on the floor aboard the Von Braun, you've likely passed them by assuming they're mere curiosities. Not so. If you've got a Small Beaker or Large Beaker, you can use it to pick up those worms, and you'll have a Worm Cluster to power your Viral Proliferator or Annelid Launcher. Unfortunately, this is the most rare of all ammo types in the game, and you may be better served by using Molecular Duplication to keep your supplies up than hunting them down yourself. The two sizes of Worm Cluster relate only to what sized beaker has been used to pick them up; there's no difference in damage quality or type.


Upgrade 1 - Clip Size & Damage Increase
This modification brings the clip of the Annelid Launcher up to 18, and also provides a modest damage boost of 10%.

Upgrade 2 - Projectile Speed & Damage Increase
This second modfiication will make the Annelid Launcher's projectile a good deal more effective, doubling its speed. And, of course, you'll also gain a damage bonus of 25%.