Shotgun What good would a game featuring zomb... er, Hybrids be, without a good-old double-barrel to blow them away? The Shotgun is the second weapon you'll likely encounter while scrounging through the Von Braun's MedSci deck, available near the end of it, and occasionally found in broken form on Hybrids a little bit earlier.

Shotguns are a frequent sight in the hands of dead crewmen and women, which makes both replacements and ammunition quite plentiful. The damage output from the Shotgun is fairly reasonable, able to kill most enemies during the early-mid game with a couple of shots; its major tripping point is a lack of effectiveness against robots. Overall, a quality upgrade to the Pistol, while still letting you keep the old ammunition for both the smaller sidearm and the Assault Rifle later on.

Requirements: Standard Weapons 3 (Maintenance 2, Repair 3)

Fire Modes: Single Shot, Triple Shot (double damage, uses 3 shells)


Rifled Slugs Rifled Slugs
The standard ammunition for the Shotgun, you'll find this just about everywhere. It does reasonable damage and is fairly accurate at range. Use it from a distance, or when going up against armored targets without an alternative.

Anti-Personnel Shotgun Shells Anti-Personnel Shotgun Shells
The classic buckshot appears in System Shock 2, and as you would expect, is devastating to soft targets up close. Up close, however, is about all it's good for, as the spread and damage reduction at distances makes using this type of ammo effective only in close quarters. Fortunately, Anti-Personnel Shotgun Shells are almost as plentiful as Rifled Slugs.


Upgrade 1 - Reloading Speed & Damage Increase
The first modification to the Shotgun will decrease its reload speed by 2/3rds, while also pumping up its damage by 10%. Requires Modify 1.

Upgrade 2 - Kickback Reduction & Damage Increase
This healthy upgrade will make the Shotgun easier to handle by reducing its recoil by 2/3rds, while also bringing its damage up to 25% over the stock model.