Laser Pistol
Laser Pistol The Laser Pistol is an interesting proposition, like the rest of the Energy Weapons in System Shock 2. It's found somewhat early in the game (around Hydroponics), and its biggest strength also ends up being its biggest weakness in some respects. The Laser Pistol does less damage than even the Pistol, but it requires no ammunition at all; instead, it holds an electric charge, which must be refilled using a Recharging Station, Portable Battery, or the Electron Cascade Psi Power.

Energy Weapons, unfortunately, are a skill branch you're going to need to upgrade fully in order to get a lot out of it. It can fire both regular, low-damage shots, and an overcharge shot that deals more damage. The Laser Pistol is made even more situational by being more effective against robots, while also near-useless against certain organic enemies. If you're not making it a full commitment to Energy Weapons, it's hard to recommend the Laser Pistol. Put simply: take it or leave it.

Requirements: Energy Weapons 1 (Maintenance 1, Repair 1)

Fire Modes: Single Shot, Overcharge (higher damage, but slower and uses more charge)


Energy Charge
Energy Weapons do not require ammunition; instead they each have an internal battery which contains a charge. This battery's capacity can be increased from 100% to 160% with a high Maintenance skill, and once depleted, must be recharged at a Recharging Station, or using a Portable Battery or Electron Cascade.


Upgrade 1 - Storage Capacity & Damage Increase
This first upgrade brings the Laser Pistol's maximum charge to 150% (before Maintenance bonus), and also increases its damage by 10%.

Upgrade 2 - Energy Consumption Decrease & Damage Increase
The final upgrade makes the Laser Pistol more efficient, reducing its energy consumption by 33%, while also rounding out its damage bonus to 25%.