Recreation Sector C
Recreation Sector C

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1 - Theater & Replicator

Take out the Protocol Droid on patrol in here, then smash the glass counter for a bunch of Chips and Soda to snack on. You'll also find some Anti-Personnel Shells on the corpse, and a Psi Hypo on top of the counter. There's a Replicator in here, but it's not worth using, as all it sells are Chips, Soda and Cigarettes, and at absurdly high prices to boot; even hacking doesn't help. Instead, continue through the door to your left.

The actual theatre itself is pretty big, but there's only a little bit of note - a Hybrid or two and some Swarm and Grub Pods. Search the corpse for 5 Cyber Modules and an EMP Rifle, then exit the way you came.

2 - Bathrooom

A single Swarm Pod awaits you in one of the stalls. Search behind it for a Maintenance Tool, and grab the 17 Nanites from the garbage before leaving.

3 - Casino

Despite all the slots and card tables, you have very little chances of making money here. Search the room with the slots for some Vodka on the floor, and take out the Protocol Droid and Hybrid on patrol. Take the left hallway out and you'll find a secure crate beind the bar, containing some Standard Bullets and 47 Nanites.

Climb through the window or head down the right hallway instead, and you'll be on the casino floor proper. Inside, smash the Security Camera on the right as you enter, then search the corpse on the ramp down for a SwiftBoost(TM) Implant, as well as behind an overturned slot machine for 8 Nanites. At the very back of the casino, you'll find an Audio Log on the counter, as well as a corpse surrounded by bottles of alcohol, holding 4 Cyber Modules and a Medical Kit.

4 - Security Checkpoint

Beware of the Laser Turret on the right as you come inside; hack it or destroy it. The small room on the right contains a Surgical Unit (deactivated) and an Audio Log on top. Move on to the Security Station itself, at (5).

5 - Security Station, Upgrade Units & Recharging Station

This is a bit more interesting. Inside, you'll find some Proximity Grenades and Rifled Slugs in the lockers to the right, a Security Control Panel, a corpse with 6 Rifled Slugs and a WormMind Implant, a Recharging Station in the left-hand room overlooking the Security Checkpoint (4), and two Upgrade Units for Weapon and Psi.

6 - Prison & Bio-Reconstruction Device

There's another Security Camera to the right immediately as you enter. Grab the eye-catching Crystal Shard on the floor if you like, then swipe the Anti-Personnel Bullets and Surgical Unit Activation Key from the corpse. Now's probably a good time to activate the Bio-Reconstruction Device, so go ahead, then check the cell with the door. Destroy the Swarm Pod inside, then check the corpse for 6 Cyber Modules and some Standard Bullets.

7 - Sensual Stimulation Units

Awh yeah, now we're talking recreation. Grab the Vodka from the floor as you come in, then step into the lounge, staying out of range of the Security Camera on the right side. There's several bottles of alcohol scattered around, and you'll also find an Audio Log and some Cigarettes on a counter. The Audio Log details a code you'll need to grab a goodie stash in the Crew Quarters area, 11111.

8 - Sensual Stimulation Units Upper Floor

Here's where the action is. There are four rooms in here with different personalities. They all require a different keycard, which you can buy from the Replicator nearby (you need to use the keycards manually, drag & drop style). A "session" is a bit pricey, but with a hack you can convince the machine to lower its prices to more reasonable level.

Lance's has some Cigarettes and a corpse with 20 Nanites, Candy's and Sven's are completely empty, and Nikki's contains the jackpot: 10 Cyber Modules and 503 Nanites, plus some Cigarettes and Vodka. Obviously, it's most economical to just open up Nikki's... and no, none of the Stim Units are working. Thankfully.

9 - "UNN Approved" Fashion Outlet

Be very careful as you near this shop, both due to the Swarm Pods inside and the Security and Military Bots on patrol in the mall, otherwise, you'll find the Bots in a few minutes. The corpse outside the Fashion Outlet (behind the table) contains a Large Beaker, and, once you've destroyed the Annelids inside the shop, you can plunder the locked security crate for some Anti-Personnel Bullets and a Psi Booster (the Replicator is beyond repair).

10 - Quickfoods & Audio Log

There's actually very little food in here (do Cigarettes count?), but you'll find an Audio Log on the counter containing a hint at a whole bunch of Nanites left inside Nikki's room at the Sensual Stimulation Units (7 & 8).

11 - O/S Upgrades & Upgrade Units

Finally, another upgrade to your operating system. Consult the O/S Upgrades page if you need help choosing one, then search around the area for several Upgrade Units (unfortunately, only Stats and Tech are accounted for here). Time to put those Cyber Modules to use! The store, Neural Implants Express, has two Upgrade Units as well, but they're the same type as what you'll find in the hall outside.

12 - Infested Store

This store is pretty much as closed as it gets, but you'll want to destroy the Swarm and Grub Pods in here for the Strength Booster and 4 Cyber Modules on the corpse inside.

13 - Gravity Shafts

Take these to go up and down between the first and second floors of the Mall. Note that a Security Camera to your left will spot you as you go up, so smash it quickly before proceeding.

14 - Narco Stims & Replicator

In this delightful little shop, you'll find a security crate containing 36 Prisms, and a working Replicator. This one sells Cigarettes, Fragmentation Grenades, Medical Hypos and Psi Hypos, and can be coerced to surrender Medical Kits with a little hacking. The store nearby, DigiMedia, has another Replicator, but it's broken beyond repair, and there's no other loot inside either.

15 - Artechnology & Art Terminals

Make sure you destroy the Security Camera just outside this small store. Another piece of the code for the Transmitter Tower can be found in here; cycle the middle Art Terminal and you'll eventually see the fragment "4". The other Art Terminals in here are useless, as is the destroyed Replicator.

16 - Ruined Store

This one has three things of note: a corpse containing a Small Beaker, 10 Prisms and an Audio Log, a Laser Pistol on the floor nearby, and a Replicator. The Replicator is selling Soda, Maintenance Tools, Anti-Toxin Hypos, and Prisms, and can be hacked for a Recycler, the first one you'll likely get unless you invested points into Repair earlier. The Recycler is a sure buy if you don't have one already.

17 - Stash

Check the end of the hallway here for a Psi Hypo hidden behind a plant, then search atop the pipe on the right-hand side of the ceiling for some Standard Bullets and Nanites, but you'll only be able to get them by using Telekinetic Redirection, or possibly with a high Agility and the extra jump height.

18 - Washrooms

Not much in here. The men's bathroom contains a corpse with 4 Cyber Modules, while the women's has some Rifled Slugs in its garbage bin.

19 - Door to Crew Quarters

You'll need the Rec Crew Access Card from Recreation B in order to get through here.

A - Transition to Recreation Sector A

C - Transition to Recreation Sector B

E - Elevator

S - Security Control Stations