Where Am I?
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1 - Rickenbacker Bridge

After emerging from the Body of the Many, you'll find yourself on-board the Rickenbacker once again... it seems mostly intact. SHODAN will send you a message, alerting you that it was never her intention to destroy the Von Braun... rather, her goal was to eliminate the Many and use the faster-than-light drive to create a new world in her own image (don't ask). Unfortunately, her plans for a new world do not include you. Time to do something about that.

Climb up to the Bridge and you'll find a final set of Upgrade Units to spend your last Cyber Modules. Most of the paths are blocked off, but you can still enter into the Bridge itself. Inside, there's no loot to be found, but you'll find a floating Audio Log from... Delacroix? Apparently, she was able to infiltrate SHODAN's data loop and insert some messages for you to find, in the event she claimed power. The world around you is SHODAN's, built from her thoughts and memories - and you'll see the effect of that as you proceed forward into the cyberspace-looking corridor ahead.

2 - Corridor

Inside here you'll likely get flashbacks from UNN Recruitment and training. There's not much to find, except for a stray Audio Log on a ledge to the left - to reach it, mantle up to one, then the other platform. Delacroix will warn you about the enemies you'll fight here, and suggest they're stronger than what you've seen before. Oh, goodie.

3 - Citadel Station

In the next room, more flashbacks occur, provided you've played the original System Shock. That's right, SHODAN is now recreating Citadel Station, quite accurately as well. Inside, you'll find a Virtual Cyborg Assassin, though it's not really much more threatening than a regular Cyborg Assassin. SHODAN will contact you and taunt you some more. Grab the Medical Hypon from the right-hand ledge and continue into the next room.

You'll find a Surgical Unit in here; no reason to hoard those Activation Keys now, so might as well use one. There's two Security Cameras up ahead, one immediately in front and one down the hall to the left, though they won't cause you any harm, so you can just as easily ignore them. The inner room here has a Recharging Station in it; you can also search the floor under the ramp for a Medical Kit (behind the computer terminal), and the supply crate for a Psi Hypo. Continue forward through the blue-tinted door ahead.

A couple of Virtual Assassins are on patrol in this next room, and you'll likely see some colored particles floating around the corridors - touching them deals minor damage, so stay away. Check the red-tinted room for some supplies (Medical Hypo, Psi Hypo and Speed Booster), while the incomplete green-blue room is empty. Instead, continue down the corridor to battle another Virtual Assassin. The next green-blue room on the left has a Medical Kit inside on a ledge, and up ahead down the hallway you'll find a Speed Booster inside a vent. Proceeding forward, you'll encounter a lower level with a red-and-black floor, with a Psi Hypo inside. Last, there's another Psi Hypo in a larger room with a gurney in it - follow the winding side-passages to find it.

The other rooms and hallways around here are pretty much empty, and a little confusing, so continue forward until you find an Audio Log floating in the main corridor (it's opposite two Security Cameras). Grab it, and Delacroix informs you she's set up some terminals you can hack into around SHODAN's "throne room" to make the fight easier.

With that out of the way, it's time to confront the Machine Mother once and for all. Hop down the ledges one by one (falling means death, so save first), and climb in the passage in the wall at the bottom. A final Audio Log from Delacroix, a jump down the hole, and...


SHODAN exists in two forms here - the large face in the middle of the arena, protected by shields, and a virtual form that will constantly chase you around the room. The face will fire explosives at you, so take cover behind the pillars around the room. The virtual form only takes a few shots to destroy, but you'll only have a few seconds before it returns. She'll also occasionally light up the floor, and you'll take some damage if you're standing on it.

The easiest way to destroy SHODAN is to hack the four terminals around the room, preferably with any remaining ICE-Picks. You will likely be interrupted once or twice while hacking, so using Psi Barriers and Invisibility is a viable strategy for the psionically-gifted. Once the shields are down, open fire on SHODAN's form inside using whatever armor-piercing or EMP weapons you may have, and her dominance of the Von Braun and Rickenbacker will soon be brought to an end. If you need more help, check our Enemies page for more details.

Congratulations, you've completed System Shock 2! Bask in your own magnificence just a little - you've earned it.