Recreation Sector B
Recreation Sector B

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1 - Maintenance Access & Recharging Station

Avoid the Security Camera down the north hallway, or destroy it, then approach the keypad. You'll find that you'll need to repair it before you can hack it, but if you can pull off both, you'll be able to waltz right on in. Otherwise, the code is 50220.

Inside the door, you'll find an EMP Rifle in perfect condition, and in the desk, 5 Cyber Modules and some EMP Grenades. There's also a Recharging Station if you need it. When you're done, take the ladder down the hatch.

2 - Corpse

The corpse near the broken pipes has an ICE-Pick auto-hacker on it.

3 - Corpse & Swarm Pods

Check this nook to find two Swarm Pods (take them out from a distance) and a corpse, which holds a Hazard Suit, an Anti-Toxin Hypo, and some Incendiary Grenades.

4 - Stash

Making your way through the vents, you'll encounter a few more Swarm Pods - as before, keep your distance to avoid some unnecessary damage. At the end of the vent, The Many will speak to you, and you'll drop down into an open area with some assorted loot - a Medical Kit, 27 Nanites, and a large number of food items for your healing needs. There's a room overlooking this area, but you won't be able to reach it from here, so backtrack through the vents and to the main floor.

5 - Bio-Reconstruction Device

A Bio-Reconstruction Device awaits you here, along with a Security Control Station facing opposite it.

6 - Hatch

You'll need to have pressed the switch in Maintenance Access (1) to open this hatch. Upon climbing inside, you'll find a corpse with 3 Cyber Modules and some Fragmentation Grenades on it. You can also jump down to the room below if you like, the Bonne Chance Lounge (18).

7 - Crew Quarters Door

You'll need the Rec Crew Access Card to get past this door and onward to the Recreation Crew Quarters.

8 - Food Storage

A vent will collapse as you enter the room, though you're in no danger of being hurt. Search the crates around the room for Psi and Medical Hypos, then proceed to the back room. You'll be attacked by a number of Annelid Grubs, so defend yourself and take out their Grub Pods. The corpse in the far corner has 3 Cyber Modules for your trouble.

9 - Chemical Storeroom

Another deck, another bunch of chemicals. In addition to the usual stuff (the chemicals, and manifest log), you'll find two hackable security crates - one contains 50 Nanites and 4 Worm Clusters, and the more difficult contains a Maintenance Tool and Version 3 Hacking Software. Not bad!

10 - Garden West

Some looping, creepy music will play as you enter here. A floor vent to your left will collapse as you get near it, leading to (11), so watch your step. Search the opposite end of the room for a corpse with 10 Prisms, and near the bench for an Audio Log. One of the rooms nearby also contains a corpse with some Anti-Personnel Shells on it. Take the door to the other room and continue into the tunnels.

11 - Garden Tunnels

The Many will speak to you once again as you come in, and a Cyborg Midwife will rush you shortly after. Dispose of her and proceed onward, stopping to check the north room for a corpse with a good-quality Grenade Launcher. The small storage room on the west side of the tunnels needs a code (34093) or some hacking prowess. Doing so will cause some Annelids inside to attack, and two Cyborg Midwives will attack from behind, so be careful. The corpses inside will reward you with 4 Cyber Modules, some Standard Combat Armour, 56 Nanites, a Psi Hypo, and some Rifled Slugs.

12 - Rec Crew Access Card

Proceed carefully into this room - there's three Swarm Pods which will unleash themselves as soon as you enter, and two Annelid Arachnids will also appear in the tunnels, so be prepared for a sneak attack. One of the corpses holds the Rec Crew Access Card, needed to get into the Deck 5 Crew Quarters area, and you'll receive 20 Cyber Modules from SHODAN for grabbing it. The other corpse holds 10 Nanites, and, in the vents below, another has an Anti-Toxin Hypo for you.

13 - Garden East

There's little of note in this room save for another Audio Log. Grab it from near the bench and proceed south.

14 - Conference Room

Search the table in here for another Audio Log and some Cigarettes.

15 - Kitchens

There's no loot at all in here, or enemies. Proceed through to the next room.

16 - Dining Room

Upon visiting the second floor, a Cyborg Assassin will jump out of a door and attack, so be prepared for a fight. Take the elevator to the main floor and you'll find 20 Nanites on the floor near a table, and the two corpses nearby hold 8 Cyber Modules, an EnduroBoost(tm) Implant, and a Speed Booster. As you exit into the hallway, keep an eye out for a Security Camera to the right.

17 - Dining Hall

Yes, there are two areas in here labeled Dining; I'll differentiate the larger one by calling it the Dining Hall. One of its rooms doesn't have much in it, save for a broken Shotgun on the floor. The other? First, smash the Security Camera from a distance. Second, step forward and prepare to fight as a Security Bot smashes through the wall. Dodge its slow-moving projectiles and use whatever AP ammo you have at your disposal. Your reward is 6 Cyber Modules, found on one of the corpses. There's no way to get to the small area you'll spot through the window, but you can use your Kinetic Redirection to grab the Pistol and Anti-Personnel Bullets near the corpse.

18 - Bonne Chance Lounge

You'll spot a ghostly apparation as you enter, only to come under attack by two Cyborg Assassins, who were hiding in the women's bathroom. When they're dealt with, you'll find several bottles of alcohol, an Audio Log on the bar counter, and 10 Nanites plus some AP Bullets on the dead bartender. Take the door on the far side of the room to the dance floor for another bunch of AP Bullets on one of the corpses, then climb upstairs to loot the corpse for Version 2 Research Software and 2 Cyber Modules. Last, the previously-locked women's bathroom contains some Fragmentation Grenades.

19 - Lounge, Replicator & Art Terminal

No name for this lounge, it seems. You'll find a couple of Hybrids inside, one on the first floor and the other on the second. Take them out, then search the room for some Cigarettes, a Maintenance Tool, and an Audio Log for the code to the door below the gardens, 34093. Cycle the Art Terminal on the wall for another part of the Transmitter Tower code, "[1". You'll find a corpse upstairs containing a Psi Amp and a Crystal Shard, as well. The Replicator in the back of the lounge needs to be repaired, and will sell you Anti-Toxin Hypos, Hypos, AP Bullets, and Chips; you can hack it for Incendiary Grenades instead.

At this point, assuming you've been following this guide in order, you've got all you need from Recreation B. Continue to explore if you like, or make your way to Recreation C, the Von Braun's Mall.

20 - Security Station

Beware of the Laser Turret and Security Camera nearby, as well as the Security Bot guarding the checkpoint. Dispose of the threats, then search the room for a Laser Pistol, 5 Cyber Modules, a Medical Hypo, Disruption Grenades, and, in the secure crate, 20 Nanites and some Rifled Slugs.

21 - Corpse

Search the body in the hallway for an Audio Log, some Proximity Grenades, and 43 Nanites.

A - Transition to Recreation Sector A

C - Transition to Recreation Sector C

E - Elevator

S - Security Control Stations