Hydroponics Sector A
Hydroponics Sector A

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1 - Entrance

Immediately upon entering, you'll find yourself facing over a grisly scene consisting of a few corpses and some of the annelid infestation. Before rushing into the room, note that there are two Grub Pods on the right and left sides of the door as you come in, as well as a Security Camera on the wall to your right. Creep inside slowly and take them out one by one to avoid problems.

The room handily contains a Recharging Station, two Upgrade Units (Stats and Weapons), a Security Control Station, and a Replicator peddling Mugs, Anti-Toxin Hypos, Psi Hypos, and Portable Batteries (hacking will grant you Standard Bullets instead). On one corpse, you'll find 19 Nanites, a SwiftBoost(TM) Implant and some Cigarettes; the other one has a fifth vial of Toxin-A should you have missed one of them in Hydroponics B & C. Lastly, there's 3 Cyber Modules to be found - look just above the Weapons Upgrade Unit and you'll see it on the edge of the opened ceiling panel.

2 - Audio Log

Check the floor here for an Audio Log by Dr. Polito, but don't go through the door just yet - we'll get to that soon. Instead, turn right and head to (3).

3 - Storage Room 3A

As you step into the room, an Annelid Grub will come out of one of the corpses and attack you. Smack it with your Wrench, then search that corpse for 19 Nanites. There's a number of storage crates in this room, including one with a Hazard Suit, another with an Anti-Toxin Hypo, and a final locked one with some Anti-Personnel Bullets inside... and you'll find another Wrench on the floor if you really need it. Last, check the stack of crates in the corner - between two of them, you'll find 3 Cyber Modules.

4 - Storage Crates

Check here for a Speed Booster, some Rifled Slugs, and, in the hackable crate, an Auto-Repair Unit.

5 - North Hallway

In here, you'll face down a Security Camera and a Maintenance Bot - it's best to wait until the Bot is at the end of the hallway with its back turned before you engage, ensuring you can get rid of the Security Camera first. A corpse at the end of the hallway has a good-condition Assault Rifle in its hand, and, on the body itself, you'll find 15 Nanites, Version 2 Hack Software, 12 AP Bullets, and the Hydroponics D Access Card. Not bad!

6 - Lobby

A few corpses litter this small room. One holds some Standard Bullets and 13 Nanites, plus a Pistol on the floor next to it, and the other one perched on the trash can has a few Incendiary Grenades. You'll also find a terrible-quality Pistol on the floor next to some plants. The windows, though tempting to smash, are unbreakable.

7 - South Hallway

Another Maintenance Bot and Security Camera combo await you here; if you came from the Lobby at (6), you may want to circle around to (2) and enter that way in order to put more space between you and them. Deal with them the same way you did at (5), then grab the pack of 17 Nanites from the counter and continue onward. You can use the Security Control Station near (6) if you need to shut off the alarm.

8 - Corpse

Near the pumps, you'll spot a corpse with a Psi Hypo and a Psi Amp. Grab them if you need them.

9 - Cultivation Cells East

Upon entering the room, you'll be chewed out by Polito for going to slowly. Talk about sudden personality changes. Thankfully, you'll also spot a patrolling Hybrid in here to take your frustrations out on.

Explore the chamber to the south for two Grub Pods to destroy; there's also some Rifled Slugs on the bottom floor and Anti-Personnel Bullets up the ladder on the right-hand side of the room. The north chamber, meanwhile, doesn't have any loot, but there are two more Grub Pods if you want to smash them.

10 - Cultivation Cells West

This area is the same as the East side, with one small change: a Maintenance Bot patrolling it. Take it out with whatever means you wish.

To the south, you'll find a room with two Grub Pods. Check the pool for an Anti-Radiation Hypo and an Unresearched Object (Psi Booster) and, on the upper level, you'll spot a Maintenance Tool and 16 Nanites. The north room contains three Annelid Eggs; there's a storage crate up the ladder with an Anti-Radiation Hypo and 14 Nanties inside, as well as another Anti-Radiation Hypo on the ledge nearby. You'll also find 3 Cyber Modules in the Annelid gunk on the floor.

11 - Environmental Regulator

Prepare to do battle. In this room you'll find a Security Camera, four Grub Pods and a Cyborg Midwife to deal with; I suggest luring the Midwife into the hallway so you don't risk running into the Pods or triggering the Security Camera. Dispose of them and stuff a vial of Toxin-A into the Environmental Regulator; you'll receive 14 Cyber Modules for your efforts. Just one more to go!

12 - Cultivation Pool

Another Maintenance Bot here threatens your life; destroy it by whatever means you have. However, you may want to skip this room, as, at least as far as I can tell, there's no loot to be found. Time to backtrack your way to the entrance, and eventually to Hydroponics D. Almost done!

A - Transition to Hydroponics Sectors B & C

S - Security Control Stations