Rickenbacker Pod 2
Rickenbacker Pod 2

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1 - Pod 2 Entrance

You'll note that everything on this deck is upside-down, due to your reversal of the gravity earlier. Things aren't all that much different, really, but you'll find that the new "floor" can be a bit tougher to navigate.

Climb out of the elevator (the Many will speak to you here) and hop down below to pick up 24 Nanites on the floor, then mantle your way up and proceed into the next room. There's a Maintenance Tool, Shotgun and corpse on the floor with 24 Nanites up ahead.

Proceed into the vent and fight off the Rickenbacker Turret inside, then grab another 24 Nanites from the ground next to it. SHODAN will contact you and tell you about how Polito was weak, and that SHODAN was the one who rendered you unconscious and gave you your implants in order to replace her. How... nice. Continue forward and take a left into the Chapel.

2 - Inverted Chapel

Now this place is creepy. A pew will fall from the "ceiling" as you enter, and proceeding towards the inverted cross, you'll come under attack by three Cyborg Assassins (two on the right one, on the left), as well as a Military Bot that suddenly appears behind you on the upper ledge. Once they've been dispatched, grab the Version 3 Modify Software and Medical Hypos from the corpse. Continue forward, and you'll find a corpse in front of the cross, around which rest 4 Cyber Modules, a good-quality Assault Rifle, some Champagne, Anti-Personnel Bullets, and an Audio Log from Polito.

When you're done basking in the light, turn around and continue down the red-lit corridor.

3 - Pipe Room

You'll know this room when you arrive by its green lighting. It looks a little intimidating, but it's really not too bad. Climb on the pipe in front of you, then jump to the ladder on the right wall. Climb all the way to the bottom for 6 Cyber Modules underneath a pipe on the floor, and a Large Beaker sits nearby.

Climb back up to the top, and take aim at the Rickenbacker Turret down the next corridor. You'll find some AP Bullets next to a corpse on the way, and the body itself has a Crystal Shard and an Unresearched Object (WormSkin Armor, a sort of hybrid armor that boosts your Psi and radiation/toxin resistance, but drains Psi Points). Proceed forward and climb up the ladder to the top.

4 - Medical Bay & Captain Diego

At the top of the ladder, you'll hear the sounds of lurking creatures. Yep, it's more of those Invisible Arachnids you fought earlier. There's two of them on bottom floor of this room, one on each side of the doorway as you come in; the body on the floor holds 24 Nanites and some Heavy Combat Armor.

You'll notice the sounds are continuing, so climb up the ladder and take out a third Annelid Arachnid crawing on the second level. Grab the Juice, Cigs, and/or Vodka from the overturned garbage bin, use the Surgical Unit on the ceiling if you need it, then hop down. You'll find two more Invisible Annelid Arachnids down here, along with the beaten-up corpse of Captain Diego. Grab the Audio Log to hear his last words to you, and the Diego's Quarters Access Card from his body. There's also an Unresearched Object on the floor, near his right arm;, when researched, this WormHeart Implant will protect you from all toxins and slowly regenerates your health.

On your way out, nab the Large Beaker off in the corner behind the ladder, the Medical Kit and Anti-Radiation Hypo in the corridor.

5 - Pipe Bridge & Elevator

In the next room, be wary of a Swarm Pod attached to the wall, and grab two Anti-Toxin Hypos, one from the corpse and one on the floor next to it. There's several Annelid Pods down on the floor below, along with an Anti-Toxin Hypo, so jump down and destroy them if you wish. As you cross the bridge, SHODAN will reward you with another 15 Cyber Modules. Take the elevator to proceed to the Rickenbacker Bridge - it's time to finish up here.