Annelid Swarm
Annelid Swarm Annelid Swarms are released from Swarm Pods, and serve as defenders of Annelid breeding grounds, though you'll also tend to find them in plenty of other places, ready to ambush you. Annelid Swarms cannot be harmed through physical or psionic attacks of any kind, but due to their extremely low life span, will die after about ten seconds. Annelid Swarms first begin showing up en masse around Hydroponics, and will be a common sight for the rest of the game.

Attributes: Medium Hit Points, very low damage, medium attack speed, fast movement speed

Weaknesses: Anti-Annelid weapons

Common Loot: N/A

Strategy: Simply run, or, alternately, ignore them, as they won't be able to cause serious harm except for in very large numbers. It is actually possible to kill them using the Anti-Annelid settings on the Viral Proliferator and Annelid Launcher, but spending the ammo really isn't worth it, as Worm Clusters are already rare enough to begin with.