Tomb of Kel-Garas
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Tomb of Kel-Garas (Outer)
The tomb of Kel-Garas is fairly straightforward, unless you are a paladin.


There is a path that only paladins can take which will involve fighting some undead monks. The main benefit to this sidetrack is the Holy Avenger, an enchanted longsword that casts dispel magic. Getting it isn't that easy, but if you haste yourself and then grab and equip the Holy Avenger from the corpse on the floor while the master monk is beating on your henchman, you should have no problem. If you are playing a paladin, I highly recommend getting this sword because you'll be fighting a large number of undead creatures throughout the rest of the game.


Use the secret passage to avoid the fire streams in the other room. Don't miss the secret door (marked "S") that leads to a treasure room as you make your way to the exit.


Make your way to the entrance to the inner chamber where you'll have to fight a skeleton Blackguard.

Tomb of Kel-Garas (Inner)

You can pray to the altar of Jergal, or spit on it to get some good points. You can also fight the statue of Jergal for two rubies.


There is a secret door here, if you want to bypass the side rooms and go directly to Kel-Garas.


Kel-Garas' mummy form is in the final room. Once you've defeated him, take the rod of blight and head back to the door. You'll automatically escape the cave-in that results, so head on to the Temple of the Morninglord.

Kel-Garas' spirit form will try to stop you from placing the rod on the altar, but if you have enough hit points and good timing, you can do it despite the blade barrier Kel-Garas casts in front of it. Once you've put the rod on the altar Kel-Garas and his skeleton warriors will be destroyed and the Bedines will let your caravan have all the water it wants for free. Your caravan is also free to move on again.

Alternately, you can make a deal with Kel-Garas. You'll have to kill the leader of the Bedines and let Kel-Garas take the rod of blight back. In exchange, Kel-Garas will give you a dagger, which you can place in the Atlar to create Jergal's Claw, a +2 short sword that casts blindness. You'll fall 13 points toward both chaotic and evil if you choose this route (and earn the title of Destroyer), but your caravan can still move and take all the water it needs. Why you would do this will seem pretty incomprehensible when you find out what the mythallar does and who is after it, because Kel-Garas is after the same power and is now free to pursue it again. Still, it's up to you.