High Forest
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High Forest

There are several caves in the forest, two of which connect. You can get good loot in these caves, which are populated with everything from bandits to bugbears. Additionally, if you loot the key from the bandit leader, you can open a door in the caves that leads you to an interesting chamber that holds a glowing coffin. Kill the mummy that spawns and then loot the coffin for all it holds. One of the caves also has a dragon egg. You can sell it, either to the Hermit (for gold and a cute Harry Potter reference) or trade to the Zhentarim merchant in Hilltop, assuming you let him set up shop. You get his cloak (+1 to AC deflection, light, and 5 resist fire) in return.


A grumpy hermit lives in the forest. He isn't interested in your quest but has things for sale and will teleport you to places you've been, for 500 gp. He also has a machine that will recharge magical items for 100 gp each. You can sell all of the artifacts to him (except for the tower statue) for various amounts of money depending on your Persuade level. If you sell all three, you will move a full nine points toward chaotic when Drogan asks you to return them.


The opening here in the northeast corner of the map leads down into the Gnoll Caves.