Temple of the Winds
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Temple (First Floor)

The first level of the Temple of the Winds has some medusa handmaids and some battle horrors to dispatch. It's also heavily trapped, so bring a rogue if you can't disarm them yourself.


The second level has a multi-headed H. R. Geiger-looking monster in the center, but I couldn't find out how to attack it. Mainly it's there to spit fire at you when you have to run around the center ring as you're trying to reach the corners. You can lure it away from the center by placing a shank of meat in one of the altars close to it, though.

There are four levers in each corner (represented by "L" on the map) which you'll have to pull in order to open the doors to the next level. You'll be fighting wisps and specters as you make your way through.

Temple (Second Floor)

The third level is where you'll have the final showdown with Huerodis. Get everything together before stepping through the door, because there's no going back unless you are meticulous about saving your game. It's pretty obvious that to defeat Huerodis, you have to bash all the mythallar in the big circle, before you can damage her. Once you've done that, try to take her out quickly, before she casts a bigby's hand spell on you. I didn't have anything that protected me from paralysis, so I lost this fight the first three times. Eventually, however, I defeated Huerodis and my avatar did a little end-zone dance over her evaporating remains.

Temple (Third Floor)
The ending is a little anticlimactic, but you do get a movie that tells how you escaped into the Shadow Plane and haven't been heard from again. Your slave collar smashed when Ashtara died, so you're free to go back to adventuring. Maybe Hordes of the Underdark or another future expansion will continue the story? Time will tell...