The Great Library
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The Great Library

The Great Library is a neat area. You have to fight your way through dust mephits and elementals to a room with two books prominantly displayed. One is empty and the other has been written.

2 - BOOK

When you read the written book, you are transported into it and must fight the villains in its narrative to find a quill and another book, which transports you into hell.

Novel Interior
3 - HELL

In hell, you help an archmage fight off some succubi and when you are done he tells you how to get the Wise wind. You have to kill him (or have good Persuade) to get the inkwell and then find the last book, which transports you back into the library.

With the ink well and quill, you now have the option to rewrite the endings of both the novel and the treatise on hell. If you do this, you can get the knight from the former and the wizard from the latter to help you fight the Wise Wind. I suggest that you do this because the Wise Wind deserves its "impossible" rating. It is resistant to pretty much everything and has the ability to teleport away and completely heal itself before you can catch up. I consistently got beaten down by it until I went back through the books and got some help. I still lost one more time after I did that, but after equipping a sword that gave me a higher attack bonus and taking a potion of haste, I was able to finish it off before it healed itself.


You get to the fight with the Wise Wind by writing a story about it in the empty book. You get to pick the location, but the three choices are purely aesthetic. If you have a high INT score, you can get a fourth choice, where you fight the Wise Wind on a small island that has a large chest filled with jewels.