The Arcanist's Tower
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Arcanist's Tower (2nd Floor)

The Arcanist's Tower is a bit annoying. You have to teleport through it by entering shadow portals. You can't go into a portal without a shadow gem, though, so you have to fight a shadow warrior almost every time. You shouldn't get lost if you make sure to always go through a portal you haven't been through before. Eventually, you'll get to a large chamber and view a cutscene of a shadow lich taking the Dark Wind for himself.


To find him, you have to go into his bedroom and search his desk. You'll find a portable door and use it on the floor.

Arcanist's Tower (4th Floor)
Make sure to cast whatever protection from magic you have available because the shadow mages coming up are a pain. The shadow lich himself is not problem (wasn't for my level 11 paladin), but his minions can gang up on you if you aren't careful. When you've beaten him, take the Dark Wind to exit. Also, you can now use the Portable Door to enter an area where you can rest and buy things from your new Shadow Servant.