Ao Encampment
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Ao Encampment
You arrive at the Ao encampment rather abruptly and are told to find Garrick, the guy who will tell you what the tower crystal is supposed to do.


The guard at the gate will inform you that Garrick is in the temple being healed. Apparently, something went wrong at the archaeological dig and he was badly injured.


Both Torias and the hobgoblin trader would like you to get them some of the Aoists sacramental wine. To complete this quest, you'll have to broker a deal between the Aoist Minister in the Temple and Musharak, the trader. Suggest to the Minister that allowing Musharak to sell the wine will bring them some income, then suggest to Musharak that his profit margin will increase even if he has to share some of the wine-selling income with the Aoists. Completing this quest will get you a whopping 1000 xp and 2000 gp, in addition to the amulet that Torias gives you. During your talk with the Minister, you can also take the "test" to see if you have what it takes to be a follower of Ao. Answer the Minister's riddle with "thought" and two of the three worshippers will think that you are the incarnation of Ao. You can get them to give you gifts (an ring and an amulet that give you a +3 AC bonus), but your alignment will suffer if you are good. You can also get a gift from the third guy by ignoring the other two (thus proving that you are Ao through your apathy. This earns you the cloak of Ao, which has a +2 AC bonus, a +1 bonus to your CON, and a +1 bonus to mind affecting saving throws.


Heal Garrick when you enter the temple and he will identify the tower crystal as a mythallar. This one brief act of "kindness", undertaken simply in the interest of having Garrick stay alive long enough to identify the mythallar, removes your "Destroyer" title if you freed Kel-Garas. Go figure. You can also talk to the woman who was ministering to Garrick and get 1000 extra xp by telling her that she already knows the answers to the questions she's asking you. Once he's healed, Garrick tells you that the crystal is an ancient artifact from the days when the desert was a lush and thriving city. It is very destructive if broken and seems to be the key to granting the mysterious hooded figure unlimited power. Garrick asks you to go to the dig site and fight the hooded figure while he asks Drogan to send some kind of help.


Go through the door next to the waterfall, cross the bridge and you'll be at the excavation site. Go down the stairs and you'll find yourself in a ruined temple.