Hilltop (West)
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Hilltop (West)
The other students weren't exaggerating when they said Hilltop was out in the sticks. You can loot the farmhouses in this area, and get more equipment from the smithy or the herbalist. A guard will inform you that the kobolds went south, but there are still a few hanging around town that you should get rid of. If you're a ranger, some of the animals on this map will tell you where to find items. Speak to the chickens for some gems and the dog, which will direct you to the Herbalist's wolf.


Two kobolds are hiding out in Drogan's barn, and serve no purpose other than to get yourself a little more experience.


Loot these two houses for some minor treasure if you like. There's a guy in one who will complain about adventurers barging in on people. You can extort a gold piece from him with a successful Persuade check, but you'll move a bit toward chaotic if you do.


If you ask Ayala about finding a cure for Drogan, you can get most of the requirements from the herbalist. Get the helmhorn berries from the cook pot in the Bubbling Cauldron and Ayala will heal Drogan. The potion won't cure him fully, but you'll get 300 xp. A warning to those who want to stay evil, doing this will move you three points toward good. If you are a ranger and talked to the dog outside Drogan's house, it will tell you to ask the herbalist's wolf about a treasure it buried. After a Persuade check, it will tell you to look behind the smithy, where you will find a ring that improves your Animal Empathy skill when equipped, and summons a wolf once per charge.


Kobolds have taken the cook of The Bubbling Cauldron hostage. You can kill them without regard to the hostage or Intimidate them into leaving, Persuade them to take you hostage instead (with a skill check), then kill them or let them go. You get experience points for each, but no reward from the Tavernkeeper unless the cook survives.


At the Community Hall, the mayor's assistant, Haniah, has a job for you that involves getting a self-proclaimed prophet named Piper to stop agitating the citizenry. You can loot the trunks in the guard quarters before you set out to do this. Piper is outside, behind the Community Hall, preaching to a group of townspeople. With decent Persuasion, you can get him to leave town. You can also get his sword back from Fiona and he will resume his duties as a guard. These are better options than killing him, because Haniah won't be pleased if you do. You can also ask him about his involvement in the death of Hol, a local farmer, but you have to be very careful about your dialogue choices to get him to confess and leave. However you solve this problem, there's nothing left to do except head through the big gate, which takes you to the east side of Hilltop.