Elven Crypt
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Upper Level
Unless you are playing as an evil character, or don't care about turning evil, don't take loot from anything related to burial. Doing so will force a fight with a warrior spirit and raise your "evil quotient" a few points.


A statue in the upper level of the Elven Crypt will heal you if you pray faithfully. The door to the east will remain locked until you get the key from a spirit in the lower crypt.


There are dire warnings about defiling the temple and looting all over the place. The kobolds must not have paid attention because they've wreaked so much havoc that the spirit of an elf named Nilmaldor wants to help you get rid of them. He has some other pest control issues first, though, in the form of giant spiders.

Lower Level

You need to destroy the spider lair in the western tomb, including the adult spiders and their egg sacs. Doing this will get you some advice from Nilmaldor on how to kill the kobolds by re-activating an old trap and a key to a room in the upper crypt that holds a magical item.


A restless spirit asks you to find his sword. When you do (it's on a corpse lying on the floor), he'll offer you a choice of one of the items in his chest.


This secret room has a lever that will enable you to activate a gas trap when you enter the room where the kobolds are hiding. There are also some weapons to loot and helmets that will protect you from the effects of the gas.


Activating the poison gas trap makes killing the kobolds easier, but you'll want to be wearing the protective helmets from area #5 if you decide to utilize it. Their leader has the mummified hand that you're looking for, so be sure to loot it before leaving.


Back upstairs, the key Nilmaldor grants you will open the eastern door. The solution to this puzzle should be painfully obvious, but if you are in a hurry, just walk on the squares that are being zapped and you won't get zapped yourself (your henchman apparently doesn't understand the concept). Passing this "test" will earn you the Cloak of Ascelhorn. You can also get some extra items here if you are playing as a paladin including armor, a shield, and a helmet.