Drogan's Home
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Drogan's Home (Upstairs)

You start out in your room at the Hilltop home of Drogan Droganson, a dwarf who teaches would-be adventurers like yourself how to survive. The chest in your room contains some class- related weapons and armor and a ring that will teleport you to Drogan at the cost of a focus crystal. As you leave the room, you are met by your fellow apprentices: Xanos Messarmos(a half-orc sorcerer), Mischa Waymeet (a na´ve paladin), and Dorna Trapspringer (an aspiring Rogue). They discuss your upcoming graduation, speculate on what your final test will be, and bemoan the fact that Hilltop is so boring. Not surprisingly, you next hear the sounds of a fight going on downstairs and must activate your ring to find out what's going on.


Dorna's room contains a sonic trap kit and a set of thieves' tools.


An extra room contains a fish, a toy, a child's adventure book, a daze spell, and a light spell.


Xanos' room has a wand of acid, a potion of cure medium wounds, a scare spell and a mage armor spell.


Mischa's stash is a two-handed practice sword, two potions of bless, and a book of prayers to Mystra.


Drogan's room has some supplies you can loot, a table where you can make more focus crystals (combine one quartz crystal with two phenalopes, amythests, aventurines, or flourospars), and a machine called The Grinder, which you can use with various alchemy items. Placing Mischa's practice sword and quartz crystal into The Grinder creates The Tinoman, a greatsword with a +1 bonus to attack, slashing damage, and massive criticals. A quartz crystal, an empty bottle, and two fenberry will get you a potion of barkskin. A quartz crystal and the Shadow Heart will create a Lesser Amulet of Health and a quartz crystal with a green spore makes a Ring of Disease Resistance.

However, to gain entrance to this room, you'll have to go downstairs to the laboratory and get the key from Drogan's familiar.

Drogan's Home (Downstairs)


When you get downstairs, you find out that a group of kobolds has attacked Master Drogan. During the fight, one kobold stabs Drogan with a poisoned blade. A mysterious stranger rushes in at the end of the fight and tells you that Drogan's poison can't be healed by normal means. It turns out that she is Ayala Windspear, a Harper, who has been following the kobolds to see what they are up to. Apparently, they came to steal four artifacts that Drogan (who is also a Harper) has been taking care of.

You, of course, get to go find these artifacts and bring them back as your last test. They are a mummified hand, a dragon's tooth, a statue of a tower, and a mask. Ayala suggests that you take one of the other students as a henchman and that you ransack the house for useful items, which you were probably planning on doing, anyway.


This divining pool returns lost quest items, just like the one available in the original Neverwinter Nights campaign.


The kitchen contains three hunks of meat, two fish, an empty bottle, some belladonna, and a clove of garlic. I don't remember ever having to fight a shapeshifter, and the one place where you might want to have some belladonna has more than enough lying around.


Drogan's Laboratory is warded against entry, but his familiar, a fairy dragon named Riisi, will give you some focus crystals and a key to Drogan's room if you answer her riddles. The answers are "yes", "I will be hanged", and "six".