Hilltop (East)
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Hilltop (East)

A caravan of halfling merchants sits outside the gate. They've also been attacked by kobolds, so their leader, Katriana, isn't very friendly. She does give you a quest to retrieve their fortune teller's lost cards. A halfling named Torias will tell you that there are kobolds at the farm to the north and sell you some items.


The old farmhouse is pretty bare, but there is some loot in the back room upstairs. If you didn't talk to Torias, the footprints leading to the cellar should alert you to the fact that a couple of kobolds are waiting down there. One of them has the fortune cards, so you should go give them a smack-down. Giving the cards to Katriana will gain you entrance to Daschnaya's wagon.


Daschnaya will give you a free fortune reading that basically tells you that one of your quest items lies in a village to the east. You get 200 xp for returning the cards.


A surprisingly honest and laid-back red wizard asks you to help him establish trade in the town. If you are following the path of the lawful or good, telling him to get lost will earn you some points in one of those directions. If you don't mind leaving Hilltop open to the influence of the Thayvians, you can try to convince Haniah to let him open up shop for some xp. Be aware that you may have to kill her, the mayor and their guards to get that 200 xp (plus another 100 combat). The wizard will also sell you things if out of an unmarked house on the Hilltop West map, if you complete his quest. You'll never see him again if you don't, despite his threats.


A young woman named Nora Blake runs up and tells you that her house was attacked. Her husband helped her escape and went back inside for their infant, but he hasn't come out. When you get inside, you find that her husband is dead and a kobold is holding her baby hostage. With good Persuade, you can talk the kobold into giving you the baby or trade a gem for it. If you have good dexterity, you can distract the kobold and snatch the baby away, but if you attack, the baby will die. When you give Nora's baby back to her, you get 200 xp (and 2 points toward Good). You have the option to give her some gold as well, which will also raise your Good status. If you are evil (and I mean determined to be a completely dastardly villain), you can sell the baby to the red wizard so he and his cronies can use it for a sacrifice.


After looting the house across the street from the Blakes, it's time to leave Hilltop on the trail of the kobolds.