The Crypt Tower
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Crypt Tower (1st Floor)
The last Wind is found in the east fragment in the Crypt Tower. There are, of course, a great many undead hanging out in here.


The first floor is filled with negative energy traps and a number of sarcophagi that you must bash to prevent them from endlessly releasing undead.

Crypt Tower (2nd Floor)

The second floor is filled with burning undead that aren't hostile, but do occasionally spout flames.


On the third floor, you'll find a huge maze of magic gates that appear and disappear. If you are impatient, you can bash the gates, but they will reappear again anyway. A brittle bone golem awaits you in front of the exit.

Crypt Tower (3rd Floor)

The last floor holds the Dead Wind. It's protected by a green aura that summons a host of zombies when you breach it. The only way to harm the Dead Wind is to do that, though, so you'll have to let the zombies pester you while you swing at the Dead Wind and hope that you timed your blow well. If you hit when the aura has ebbed, you will do damage, but if the aura is at full strength, your weapon will be ineffective.

The one exception to the "ignore the zombies" rule is the greater wind zombie that comes out. This guy deals huge amounts of damage with his scythe. I had to run away and use my power stone at least three times before I finished him off. When you get the Dead Wind, you are now ready to break into the Inner sanctum of the temple and stop Huerodis for good.

Crypt Tower (4th Floor)