Kobold Caves
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Kobold Caves (Outer)

This cave is very linear, so just keep trudging through and looting. When you reach this point, you'll be assaulted by a large number of kobolds. Once dispatched, you'll have to solve a lever puzzle in the adjoining rooms. To open the doors to continue on, you must pull the levers in this order: NE, SW, SE, NW.


In the kobold chief's chamber, you can try to arbitrate a dispute between the chief and the "Master Jumper", the kobold who opens the door to the master's area. If you fail, you'll have to fight the kobolds, which is just as well, since you can loot a ring of protection off the chief.


If you ended up killing the kobolds at area #2, use the chief's rod of ruling in the strange machine you'll find behind a secret door outside the master's lair. Otherwise, if you freed the Master Jumper, he will organize a group of kobolds to raise the rock and allow you passage into the inner caves.

Kobold Caves (Inner)

Once inside the master's lair, there is another series of chambers to loot. The kobolds in this area have ice attacks, so you may want to equip cold protection items.


There is an oxen pen in the wide cavern just past the narrow hallway. To help dispatch the kobolds in the upper area of the caves, you can open the gate and cause a stampede that will crush any kobolds in their way.


When you get to the master's lair, you'll meet Tymofarrar, a white dragon who explains that he had been hired by a sorceress named J'Nah to steal the artifacts you seek, but has since betrayed her. He wants you to kill her, and will even offer you a powder that will weaken her. Since you're probably too weak to take on Tymofarrar at this point, you'll probably want to take him up on the offer. However, if you choose to do battle and win, you can snag yourself quite a bit of loot in the room afterwards (including the Mask artifact). If you do this, though, you'll miss out on using the phylactery of ice against him. I personally found fighting Tymofarrar as a frost giant to be more fun. Additionally, you can use a teleportation device in the room to return to the entrance of the kobold caves in the Nether Mountains.