Excavated Ruins
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Excavated Ruins
Some of the rooms in this dungeon contain pull chains. If you pull on them, you'll take some damage from falling rubble, but get a small reward. If the damage is worth that one extra gold piece to you, go for it.


There is a spell orb in a room to the north. Cast three defensive spells on it and it will give you a staff that, once a day, will cast all three of those spells on you at once.


This room has a pull chain that you should definitely use, as it rewards you with a belt.


There's a shield guardian in this room that will attack if you loot the dead skeleton on the floor. His CR was "impossible", but I was able to beat him easily with a level 8 paladin. If you don't have a stone to flesh spell, you need to fight him because the skeleton has a bottle of stone to flesh ointment, which you'll need in the next room to get a fair chunk of xp.


The secret door at the end of the hall will lead you a room with the statue of a sphinx. Defeat the basilisks in it, then use stone to flesh on the statue. Answer the sphinx's riddles (Fire, Pride, 10 males and 6 females) and he will give you 300 xp in addition to telling you some of the combinations used in the strange machine.


According to the rune stones, you can use the belladonna or slaad's tongues you've collected to make a stone in the strange machine. Thanks to Kharsis, we now know that the right hand urn is for offensive spells and the left hand urn is for defensive spells. Put in a combination of fairy dust, Slaad's tongues, dragon's blood, belladonna, or rubies to create a magic casting stone. You can only make one stone before the machine breaks, so choose wisely. Exact recipies will soon be available in the Strategy Guide section.


Once you get to the center of the temple, you'll find a crevice that leads to a hive of Formians. After looting all their gold and jewels and killing about half the hive, the queen will ask for a truce and offer to send some warriors to help you fight the slaadi. Let your conscience be your guide. I actually forgot to use the item that would call them to help me, but I had used the power stone, so it was an easy fight. I took minimal damage even when the three slaadi stunned me and stood around beating me at will.


When you get to the portal, Drogan pops up and tells you some more about your mysterious enemy. Her name is Huerodis and she used to be apprenticed to a powerful lich that the Harpers destroyed. She wants your mythallar so that she can learn to wield the magic of the ancient Netherese. Drogan tells you to find a way to activate the portal, while he figures out where Huerodis has gone. In order to do this, you have to activate the pillars in the rooms to either side of the portal in a certain order. The crystal ball will give you hints as to what the order is, or you can let me tell you the order. It's NE, W, SW, SE, NW, E. On the map: 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13.

When you activate the portal, Drogan will realize that Huerodis has set a trap that will cause the temple to cave in. He tells you that he will stay behind and keep the portal open long enough for you to get through. Leaving Drogan to sacrifice himself, you enter the portal and find yourself in the ruins of another Netherese city.


This is the first pillar you'll want to activate.


This is the second pillar you'll want to activate.


This is the third pillar you'll want to activate.


This is the fourth pillar you'll want to activate.


This is the fifth pillar you'll want to activate.


This is the sixth pillar you'll want to activate.

Netherese Ruins

There are some very weak Asabi warriors down here, mainly to foreshadow the next events. If you remember your Greek mythology, the statuary in this cave should clue you in to the next big plot twist.


It turns out that Huerodis is a medusa and she makes this clear by turning you and your henchman to stone before stealing your mythallar. She uses the mythallar to make the city of Undrentide fly again and you can do nothing but wait around until some Asabi scavengers take you to their master, a merchant and slave trader names Ashtara.