North Shore: Troglodyte Village

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When you enter the village, you'll be overwhelmed by the smell of the place, and you'll collapse. While incapacitated, you'll hear the troglodytes talking about you, and you'll learn that the troglodytes have given up on their old gods so that they can worship Umberlee.

Then when you wake up, you'll find yourself in a prison (#1). The prison will be empty, but when you click on the door to the prison, a guard will come up to you and let you know that you'll have to fight a troglodyte named Garm, who believes that food should be worked for rather than provided.

The battle with Garm is difficult, and chances are that you won't even come close to defeating him. But that's okay; you're not really supposed to. After you've lost all of your hit points, you'll receive a few options for how to lure Garm close enough to you so that you can hit him with a rock. Each option only requires a DC-2 check, and so you should succeed even if you haven't learned the skill in question.

Once defeated, Garm will tell you that you're supposed to eat him (and he'll start calling you "Eater-of-Garm"), but it doesn't seem to matter if you agree to do so or not. Garm will just assume that you'll eat him eventually, and he'll start acting as your companion. Garm will also tell you a little about the old gods of the troglodytes, and how his father was a warrior-priest to Laogzed, the God Who Rules, until Utnal ate him, became king of the troglodytes, and switched the troglodytes' allegiance to Umberlee.

The dialogue with Garm will end at that point, but if you read your quest log you'll see that you're supposed to talk to King Utnal (#8) next. King Utnal will assume that you're a messenger from Umberlee -- why else would you have defeated Garm, the champion of the old gods? -- but he won't just give you some sacred wood. Instead, he'll ask you to behead whatever is living in the Sacred Caves, and return the head to him. If you do that, plus give him the necessary plans, then he'll build a raft for you.

Note: If you talk to King Utnal, then he'll give you the key to the chest behind the throne, in which you'll find your original belongings. If you attack the troglodytes, then you'll have to get the key from the king's corpse.

The occupant of the Sacred Caves is a mad dwarf named Edgrimm. If you talk to him, then he'll offer to build you a raft as well, but only if you can give him some of the troglodytes' sacred wood. And so you'll have to choose between Edgrimm and the troglodytes. It doesn't really matter whose side you take; either way you'll end up with a raft and be able to escape the island.

1 - Prison

2 - Drak's Discount Wares

You'll get your original equipment back when you deal with the troglodyte king (#8), so it's probably best to do that before buying anything here. It's also likely that you'll get better prices from Edgrimm the Mad (in the Sacred Caves).

3 - Storerooms

You'll find some random items in the containers in the four storerooms.

4 - Sacred Wood

"Sacred wood" is really planking from a ship. Press the TAB key to see where it is on the ship here. But note: If you take the sacred wood, then the troglodytes will go hostile.

5 - Dueling Ring

6 - Well and Buckets

You'll find a well and three empty buckets here. If you pick up a bucket and click on the well, then you'll get a dialogue option to fill the bucket up. You can use the resulting bucket of water on the sacred fire (#7).

7 - Sacred Fire

If you use a bucket of water (see #6) on the sacred fire, then the troglodytes will go hostile, but they'll also move more slowly, do less damage, lose some AC, and more. If you're planning to steal the sacred wood (#4) from the troglodytes, then it's best to flood the sacred fire first.

Note: If you're not careful, the troglodytes can re-light the fire. That's why there are three empty buckets at the well (#6).

8 - King Utnal's Chamber

If you're pleasant to King Utnal, then he'll give you the key to your belongings!, which will open the chest right behind the throne. If you attack King Utnal, then you'll have to pry the key from his cold, dead fingers. As perhaps added incentive, you'll find King Utnal's Morningstar plus a random piece of body armor on the king's corpse, should he somehow die.

  1. Exit to the North Shore.